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Foreign Correspondent on ABC – Across Ukraine in regional towns and cities increasing numbers of women are running newsrooms and reporting the war from the frontline.

While male colleagues have been mobilised to join the fight against Russia, these women are ensuring that isolated communities are still being kept informed through their local independent media.

This week on Foreign Correspondent we meet the women who are working in difficult and dangerous environments to bring the news to places that are cut off and need it most.

From the frontline to the towns devastated by Russian missiles this is a firsthand account from the women who are reporting the news whilst juggling the demands of families and staff living and working under the constant threat of bombardment.  Some have lost their homes and their offices and all of them know people who have died in the war. Despite the personal costs they are determined to continue.

Foreign Correspondent on ABC and ABC iview – Thursday 9 May at 8.00pm.

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