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Foreign Correspondent on ABC – Fake fashion has become big business. From Gucci to Balenciaga to sports gear and handbags, replica designer brands are everywhere.

Social media platforms promote the look and facilitate the sales and if you don’t have a fake, chances are you’ll know someone who does.  But most people have no idea who is behind it.  International crime syndicates have established themselves in Manchester, making it the counterfeit capital of the UK with their goods flooding across Europe. Their enterprises are implicated in everything from copyright infringement to human trafficking, money laundering and even terrorism.   

Foreign Correspondent returns with an investigation into the fake fashion business by reporter Naomi Selvaratnam. Naomi’s story takes us inside the shadowy world of the counterfeit industry. With exclusive access to one of Europe’s specialist police taskforces working to stamp out the trade, she traces the money trail and reveals the organised criminal networks running these global chains.

Naomi has also gained access to world leading authenticators to see how they spot the fakes. And there’s some tips for those viewers who may want to double check their purchases. 

Foreign Correspondent on ABC and ABC iview – Thursday 29 February at 8.00pm.

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