9News Queensland's Hannah's Story podcast wins gold
Hannah's Story (image - Nine)

9News Queensland’s Hannah’s Story podcast wins gold

9News Queensland’s Hannah’s Story podcast wins goldHannah’s Story, a podcast collaboration with 9News Queensland and 9Podcasts, was honoured with the coveted Gold award for the best Narrative Documentary podcast at the prestigious New York Festival Radio Awards this morning. 

Presented by 9News Queensland’s Melissa Downes,produced by 9News Queensland’s Jess Lodge, and with sound design by 9Podcast’s Adam Buncher – the podcast soared to the top of Australian charts last year and garnered global recognition for its compelling account of one of the worst acts of domestic violence Australia has ever seen; the day Hannah Clarke and her three children were set on fire and killed in their car in a quiet Brisbane street by their father, Hannah’s estranged husband, Rowan Baxter.

Across six episodes, Hannah’s Story amplifies the voices of Hannah’s loved ones, the courageous first responders, witnesses, domestic violence experts and political leaders. It serves as a catalyst for community dialogue on coercive control, emphasising the crucial importance of identifying red flags in friendships and relationships to prevent further domestic atrocities.

Hannah’s Story has earned numerous awards and has become an essential tool in educational programs on coercive control.

It has been integrated into initiatives by both the Queensland Police and Victoria Police, as well as serves as a central component of a nationwide educational program led by Small Steps 4 Hannah. 

The podcast has also played a pivotal role in supporting Hannah’s parents, Sue and Lloyd Clarke, in their advocacy through Small Steps 4 Hannah, whose tireless work led to the historic passing of “Hannah’s Law” on 6 March 2024, which criminalised coercive control in Queensland.

9News Queensland’s Jess Lodge and Melissa Downes said:

“We are so proud to see Hannah’s Story recognised on the global stage. Our deepest thanks go to Hannah’s parents Sue and Lloyd, brother Nathanial, friends and all those who contributed to this podcast. To have this incredibly important story reaching an international audience is a credit to their courage and commitment to creating change and saving lives.”

9News Queensland Director of News, Amanda Paterson, said:

“From earning national accolades to becoming a source of education on coercive control and now gaining international recognition, Hannah’s Story epitomises the impactful journalism of 9News Queensland. 

“Hannah’s Story has not only captivated audiences but has also played a crucial role in helping save the lives of countless Queenslanders, Australians and now, individuals worldwide. Setting the benchmark for 9News podcasts, 9News Queensland is committed to continuing to share compelling local stories that make a lasting impact.”

Head of 9Podcasts, Mia Stern, said:

‘Hannah’s Story is an extraordinary example of the power of investigative journalism in podcasting, and to see the incredible work of Melissa, Jess and Adam recognised on a global stage is a testament to their dedication and commitment to the integrity of this story.

“Podcasting provides a unique canvas for journalists to delve deep into the intricacies of human experiences and at 9Podcasts, we are committed to collaborating with Nine’s award-winning journalists to share these important stories.”

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9News Queensland’s Hannah’s Story podcast wins gold

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9News Queensland’s Hannah’s Story podcast wins gold

9News Queensland's Hannah's Story podcast wins gold

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