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Shelter highlights for the month of December In Conversations with Mario Novas & Kate Kliwadenko, Mexity, Vilanova Artigas and City Dreamers. Discover secrets in urban sustainability and witness the rebirth of derelict factory spaces in Mexico City; join an exclusive live-stream event with the makers of MEXITY; explore six major works of an iconic Brazilian modernist; and follow the 70-year journey of four trailblazing women architects this December on SHELTER. LIVE STREAM EVENT: IN CONVERSATION WITH MARIO NOVAS & KATE KLIWADENKO  Join the creative team behind the new Shelter Originals series MEXITY for an exclusive Shelter live streaming event on December 16 at 7pm AEST. Filmmakers Mario Novas & Kate Kliwadenko join Shelter, to give a special insight into the research, production, discoveries of MEXITY; and answer questions about creating their new series. This event is available exclusively to Shelter subscribers.  SHELTER ORIGINALS: MEXITY Scarcity. Population density. Disaster recovery. Many of our cities are facing these problems. Meet the Mexican architects building solutions for the City of Tomorrow.  Dive into contemporary Mexican design that seeks to build in harmony with pre-Hispanic history. Come on a journey to discover design secrets within the urban fabric of this Mexican metropolis.  Directed by Chilean journalist Kate Kliwadenko and Spanish architect Mario Novas, MEXITY is an edgy exploration of spaces that enhance life in the built environment of Mexico City. This four-part series is the most recent collaboration between Shelter and Kliwadenko Novas Productions, following up 2021’s ARCHITECTURE ON THE EDGE, and continues to explore design innovation from Latin & Central America.  “What’s happening here is really important in the Latin American scene. Here we risk.” – Abel Perles, Productora Episode 3: Upcycling – (30 mins) Mexico 2022 (Available 5 December) “When the previous century’s architects arrived somewhere they usually tore everything down in order to start from scratch.” – Julio Amezcua, Reurbano  Valuable architecture from previous decades lies abandoned throughout Mexico City. Even worse – some of these historical gems are being recklessly demolished. A new generation of architects and developers are seeking to reactivate these spaces, breathing new life into their foundations.  This episode features modern architects mixing the old with the new, working to protect heritage buildings, restoring earthquake-affected structures and fighting to reduce the impact of gentrification. Episode 4: Productive Spaces – (30 mins) Mexico 2022 (Available 12 December)  “Laguna was a bankrupt textile factory. I looked to the core of it, trying to understand the use of this place to see what it could become in the future.” – Alberto Kritzler, developer When manufacturing went offshore, many of the bustling factories in Mexico City were abandoned. The value of locally made goods and the jobs they created was forgotten… but these productive spaces are making a comeback. From repurposing derelict Ice and Textile factories, to investing in the local production of bespoke goods and fresh produce, this episode visits a new generation of inspirational artisans in Mexico City. A Shelter Originals Production KLIWADENKO NOVAS is a production company focused on urbanism and architecture through its relationship with society. THE ARCHITECT & THE LIGHT: VILANOVA ARTIGAS Considered one of the most important names in the architectural history of São Paulo, this documentary rebuilds the life of the Brazilian architect João Batista Vilanova Artigas. His relatives, friends, students and six of his major works tell the history of this iconic Latin American modernist. With major works including the Estádio Cícero Pompeu de Toledo (home of São Paulo FC), the Louveira Residential Complex, the FAU Center at University São Paulo and his own Casa Vilanova Artigas; there are few bigger influences on architecture and Brutalism in Brazil’s most populous city than Artigas.  “There’s no architecture on paper!” VILANOVA ARTIGAS (93 mins) Brazil 2015 (Available 19 December) THE UNKNOWN TRAILBLAZERS: CITY DREAMERS Phyllis Lambert, Blanche Lemco van Ginkel, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander and Denise Scott Brown may not be household names, but architecture and urban planning aficionados likely know that these women have worked with some of the greatest architects of our time, including the likes of Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and Robert Venturi.  CITY DREAMERS explores the changing modern urban environments of these four trailblazing women architects. Each with an extensive list of accomplishments in architecture, planning and landscape architecture dating back to the 1950s, these women have taught, mentored and inspired generations of professionals. From helping design the Seagram Building in New York, to developing the masterplan for Montreal Expo ‘67, to reinventing how we develop urban green spaces; these women have left an indelible mark on cities across North America and Europe over the course of their inspiring careers.  “How we live in a city, how people make the space their own, and how they can imagine a space is what makes life magnificent.” CITY DREAMERS (81 mins) Canada 2018 (Available 26 December) About Shelter Shelter is a premium streaming service bringing you the world’s finest films about architecture & design.  Showcasing award winning feature films, episodic series and shorts, along with dedicated channels such as the Michael Blackwood Architecture Collection, The Design Emotive, 9 Sekunden, Never Too Small, Dwell and green magazine.  Shelter’s curated film library will keep you entertained, creative and inspired.  Handpicked for you by the team at Shelter, no algorithms here. No ads either. Shelter also brings you exclusive Shelter Originals that you won’t find anywhere else, such as popular debut series Inspired Architecture. “Each installment of Inspired Architecture is small but perfectly formed.” – The Sydney Morning Herald And because our planet is the home we all share, Shelter plants a tree for every subscriber, every month. Get Inspired Now.  More Information New content launched each month. 7 day free trial  Monthly subscription: AUD $8.99 | NZD $9.99 | USD $6.99 | EURO €6.99 | GBP £5.99 Yearly subscription: AUD $89.99 | NZD $99.99 | USD $69.99 | EURO €69.99 | GBP £59.99 Shelter TV apps are now available for Apple TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Download the Shelter

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