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March on Shudder and Acorn TV

Shudder highlights for the month of March include Spoonful of Sugar, Leave and The Unheard. Acorn TV highlights for the month of March include Under the Vines, The Madame Blanc Mysteries and Deadline. ACORN TV Under the Vines – Series 2 Streaming Exclusively on Acorn TV Premieres Monday 20 March New Episodes Every Monday This charming romantic comedy drama returns with Sydney socialite Daisy Monroe (Rebecca Gibney, Wanted) and ex-London lawyer Louis Oakley (Charles Edwards, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power) trying to run a struggling vineyard in southern New Zealand. As Daisy comes to terms with her new life, Louis tries to repair his old one before returning to England. But ultimately his marriage fails and he stays on to help Daisy run Oakley Wines. The two unlikely partners in wine continue to navigate life in Peak View and its population of quirky locals and Machiavellian rivals. But any chance of romance between the two is muddied when Daisy meets David (Kirk Torrance), the handsome local doctor. Meanwhile Oakley’s young vintner Tippy has her world shaken by the arrival of popular French vintner, Philippe Bidois – and he’s her cousin. The Madame Blanc Mysteries – Series 2 Streaming Exclusively on Acorn TV New Episodes Every Monday Until March 6 Renowned and respected antiques dealer, Jean White (Sally Lindsay) returns fresh from surviving an attempt on her life by the duplicitous Barbara. Jean’s expertise in the world of antiquities and antiques once again proves the key to solving a series of murders and mysteries against the backdrop of the beautiful French village of Sainte Victoire. This season Jean and Dom will grow much closer – but will friendship finally grow into something more? Meanwhile, love rolls into town for Gloria and Barbara has deadly plans to finally finish what she began. Deadline – Series 1 Streaming Exclusively on Acorn TV Binge Premiere on March 13 Deadline is a drama following Natalie Varga (played by Peaky Blinders star, Charlie Murphy), who stands accused of murdering her husband in cold blood, disgraced investigative journalist, James Alden finds himself captivated by the case. When he interviews Natalie for his documentary, he realises he is falling for the very femme fatale he is supposed to be dispassionately profiling. His infatuation leads him on a dangerous path, and the desire for ‘a story’ clouds his judgement. With the court of public opinion ruling Natalie guilty until proven innocent, James must separate truth from fiction. SHUDDER Spoonful of Sugar – A Shudder Original Premieres Thursday 2 March Millicent is taking a semester off from her studies to concentrate on her thesis about children with severe allergies, which makes her the perfect person to take care of little Johnny, a sickly, mute child who suffers from every allergy under the sun, from nickel to artificial fabric. His overbearing mother, Rebecca, is an accomplished author who is focused on her latest book release, while his dissatisfied father, Jacob, spends sweaty, shirtless days toiling away on a carpentry project in the backyard. Starring Morgan Saylor, Kat Foster and Myko Olivier. Leave – A Shudder Exclusive Premieres Friday 17 March As an infant, Hunter White was discovered abandoned in a New England cemetery. She was wrapped in a piece of cloth covered in satanic symbols and around her neck hung a Wolf’s Cross pendant. 20 years later, she is obsessed with finding out why she was abandoned and who her biological parents are. Starring Alicia von Rittberg, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Herman Tømmeraas, Stig Amdam and Morten Holst. The Unheard – A Shudder Original Premieres Friday 31 March After a young deaf woman undergoes experimental treatment to regain her hearing, she fears she is not alone while recovering at her family’s beach home – all while uncovering family secrets and experiencing psychological strife and auditory hallucinations. Starring Lachlan Watson, Nick Sandow and Brendan Meyer. ABOUT AMC+ / SHUDDER / ACORN TV AMC NETWORKS – AUSTRALIA AMC Networks is a global entertainment company known for its popular and critically acclaimed content with a portfolio of brands available in Australia. For more information, please visit: Twitter   Facebook   Instagram

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February on Shudder and Acorn TV

Shudder highlights for the month of February include Skinamarink, Attachment and The Witch Part 2: The Other One. Acorn TV highlights for the month of February include The Madame Blanc Mysteries and Candice Renoir. SHUDDER Skinamarink Premieres Thursday 2 February In Skinamarink, two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished. To cope with the strange situation, the two bring pillows and blankets to the living room and settle into a quiet slumber party situation. They play well worn videotapes of cartoons to fill the silence of the house and distract from the frightening and inexplicable situation. All the while in the hopes that eventually some grown-ups will come to rescue them. However, after a while it becomes clear that something is watching over them. The film stars Lucas Paul, Dali Rose Tetreault, Ross Paul and Jaime Hill and is executive produced by Edmon Rotea, Ava Karvonen, Bonnie Lewis, Alan Lewis, Josh Doke and Jonathan Barkan. Written, directed and produced by Kyle Edward Ball, in his directorial debut. Attachment Premieres Thursday 9 February Maja is a has-been actress in Denmark who falls in love with Leah, a young, Jewish academic visiting from the UK. When Leah suffers a mysterious seizure, Maja fears their whirlwind romance might be cut short and decides to follow Leah back to her home in London. There, she meets her new downstairs neighbour: Leah’s mother, Chana. An overbearing, seemingly religious and highly secretive woman, Chana is resistant to all of Maja’s attempts to win her over but with increasingly strange occurrences in the building, she begins to suspect that Chana’s secrets could be much darker than she first anticipated. Co-written and directed by Gabriel Bier Gislason and starring Sofie Gråbøl and Josephine Park. The Witch Part 2: The Other One Premieres Thursday 16 February After a girl emerges as the sole survivor of a bloody raid on the research facility behind the top-secret Witch Program, she is rescued by a pair of civilians who soon realise that more danger lies ahead. Directed by Park Hoon-jung and starring Kim Da-mi, Park Eun‑bin and Lee Jong Suk. ACORN TV The Madame Blanc Mysteries – Series 2 Acorn TV Original Episodes 2 and 3 premiere Monday 20 February Episodes 4 and 5 premiere Monday 27 February “Sally Lindsay is clearly having lots of fun. There’s an inventive playfulness that can’t be faked.” – The Daily Mail Antiques dealer Jean White (Sally Lindsay, Mount Pleasant) faced bankruptcy after her husband’s sudden death, so she headed to their one last asset: a cottage in antiques hub of Sainte Victoire, Southern France. There, she began investigating his death, aided by sympathetic taxi driver Dom (Steve Edge), but soon found that the colourful locals had a treasure trove of other mysteries for her to explore. Following the seasonal first episode of the new series, in episode 2, Jean must identify a mystery woman who turns up dead on the deck of a boat, and in episode 3, past and present collide when Jean takes centre-stage to uncover a theatrical family drama that has played out over decades. Jean and Dom help the local police solve the murder of a man found shot in a remote country mansion, clasping a unique key, in episode 4 and in the fifth episode, visiting friends from the UK appear to have a man with ill-intent pursuing them. Could the secret to his identity and intentions lie in an old pack of Tarot cards? Candice Renoir – Series 5 Acorn TV Exclusive Premieres Monday 27 February ‘Crime drama with a difference… Candice Renoir stands out from the crowd’ – Drama Quarterly The award-winning French detective, Candice Renoir (Cécile Bois, Gloria, Germinal), returns for a fifth gripping series. After the devastating tragedy in the previous series, Candice is still in denial and tumbles straight into an accident. Did she return to work too soon or is she deliberately putting herself in harm’s way? Does she still have the uncanny ability to pick out the tiny details at a crime scene that point to the culprit… don’t worry… discriminatory companies, dangerous fundamentalists and thoughtless teenagers still have much to fear from our uncompromising detective. Series 5 also finds Candice in introspective mode as she seeks the advice of the police department’s resident psychologist, who will have his hands full with such an accomplished liar. In her search for connection, Candice has an array of brief encounters, but does she still believe in love? Will commander Renoir and Captain Dumas be able to resist their undeniable mutual attraction for much longer? Especially now that Antoine Dumas is going to ABOUT AMC+ / SHUDDER / ACORN TV AMC NETWORKS – AUSTRALIA AMC Networks is a global entertainment company known for its popular and critically acclaimed content with a portfolio of brands available in Australia. For more information, please visit: Twitter   Facebook   Instagram

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The Madame Blanc Mysteries A

December on Acorn TV

Acorn TV highlights for the month of December include The Madame Blanc Mysteries and Whitstable Pearl. The Madame Blanc Mysteries – Season 2 Christmas Special – Acorn TV Original Premieres Monday 26 December “Witty, feelgood fare.” The Daily Telegraph In this Christmas-themed special to open the upcoming second season, renowned and respected antiques dealer, Jean White (series creator Sally Lindsay, Cold Call, Mount Pleasant), returns fresh from surviving an attempt on her life by the duplicitous Barbara. Jean’s expertise in the world of antiquities once again proves the key to solving a series of murders and mysteries against the backdrop of the beautiful French village of Saint Victoire.  In the seasonal season opener, Jean comes to the aid of Chief of Police Caron (Alex Gaumond, The Syndicate), who finds himself on the other side of the interview table accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Whitstable Pearl (Series 2) – Acorn TV Original Episodes three and four premiere Monday 5 December; final two episodes follow on December 12 with full season available to binge “British comedian Kerry Godliman finally has the lead role her talents deserve.” – Stuff NZ Based on the popular book series by Julie Wassmer, the second season of Whitstable Pearl finds Pearl (Kerry Godliman, After Life) prioritising her detective work and transitioning from being a chef who solves crimes, to a full-time investigator who just happens to own a restaurant – the eponymous Whitstable Pearl. Pearl’s cases overlap with DCI Mike McGuire’s (Howard Charles, Shadow and Bone, Top Boy) police investigations. Their relationship is charged by a determination to outdo each other and a fiery mutual attraction. When they compete, sparks fly and tempers flare. When they work together, they make a hell of a team. About ACORN TV Hailed as “Netflix for the Anglophile” by NPR, AMC Networks’ Acorn TV is the streaming service offering a carefully curated, quality slate of compelling UK and international TV series, all streaming ad-free on demand. Subscribers can enjoy a wide range of popular Acorn TV Originals, including My Life is Murder starring Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as a private investigator tackling bizarre, hard-to-solve crimes; The Chelsea Detective starring Adrian Scarborough (Killing Eve) which delves into a range of thrilling cases in the dark underside of London’s beautiful, affluent borough; Harry Wild starring Emmy winning actress Jane Seymour (The Kominsky Method) as a retiring literature academic turned sleuth; the detective drama London Kills, described as a “superb British crime series” by the Los Angeles Times; effervescent comedy drama Under the Vines starring Rebecca Gibney(Wanted) and Charles Edwards (The Crown) as the unlikely inheritors of a failing vineyard; the intriguing murder investigations of Dalgliesh, based on P.D. James’ bestselling novels and starring Bertie Carvel (Doctor Foster); The Madame Blanc Mysteries which follows antiques expert Jean White (Sally Lindsay, Mount Pleasant) to the South of France as she tries to solve the mysterious death of her husband; Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and its 1960s set spinoff Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries; and much, much more. Fan favourites also include Agatha Christie’s Marple and Poirot, Agatha Raisin, Brokenwood Mysteries, Taggart, Murdoch Mysteries, Suspects, Rosemary and Thyme, The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Line of Duty, George Gently, Foyle’s War and Midsomer Murders. Acorn TV offers a free trial and thereafter is just $6.99 per month or $69.99 for an annual subscription. Sign up at

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