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March on Shelter

Shelter highlights for the month of March include Regular or Super, The Burke Museum, Melbourne International and Mario Botta: The Sacred and Profane. Discover the minimalist ethos behind some of North America’s most striking urban landmarks; watch a museum strip back its walls and reveal its treasures to the public; venture back in time into the urbanist shift that defined Melbourne’s skyline; and investigate the oppositional concepts central to the work of an iconic Swiss architect this March on SHELTER. MIES VAN DER ROHE: REGULAR OR SUPER Famous for designing such landmarks as New York’s Seagram Building, Toronto’s Dominion Centre and numerous buildings in Chicago, Mies van der Rohe was best known for his minimalist designs.  An obsession with purity & simplicity and an adherence to his belief that “less is more” influenced the way he combined form & function; creating a connection to the outdoors and architecture that is less removed from life and more reflective of how we actually live.  With a jazz-infused soundtrack, inspired cinematography and commentary from Stanley Tigerman, Rem Koolhaus and Phyllis Lambert; REGULAR OR SUPER brings van der Rohe’s work to life in a documentary that captures the spirit of the man and his brilliant contributions to 20th-century architecture. DESIGN VS BUILD: THE BURKE MUSEUM The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is the oldest public museum in Washington State, tracing its roots back to 1879, and housing a collection of over 18 million artifacts and specimens; ranging from totem poles and gemstones to dinosaur fossils.  Yet most visitors never got to experience any of these treasures of the past, which remained hidden behind concrete walls and inside research labs.  When the Burke was granted major funding in 2015 for a new building, a bold new idea was presented by Architect Olson Kundig: what if the museum was turned “inside out”?  The final result sought to create a one-of-a-kind museum experience, where guests could look into working research areas and laboratories. But getting there wouldn’t be easy; requiring a delicate transfer of the museum’s millions of unique and treasured items from the old building to the new.  RESIDENT URBANISM: MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL Known for its iconic and striking skyline; the city of Melbourne needed a drastic design shift in the mid-20th century to become what it is today.  Exploring from 1950 to 1980, this feature-length documentary film charts the development of the International Style of corporate architecture and the rise of the glass box, curtained-wall style office building, that would shape the look and feel of Melbourne’s urban centre.  MARIO BOTTA: THE SACRED AND PROFANE Renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta retraces some of the most significant steps of his career, exploring the inner questions that pushed him to investigate the spaces of the sacred and the profane; two coexisting but oppositional concepts that are integral to his work. MARIO BOTTA: THE SACRED AND PROFANE delves into the architect’s worldwide projects and his founding of the Accademia di Architettura and the Teatro dell’Architettura, before diving into his exhibit for the MAXXI Museum in Rome; an installation composed of heterogeneous and highly expressive materials, including a 1:1 scale pavilion and a facade prototype; models; sketches and photographs of his built projects.  Botta’s reflection is explored, complimented and challenged by fellow critics and colleagues Enzo Cucchi, Margherita Guccione, Fulvio Irace, Vittorio Sgarbi and Giuliano Vangi.  About Shelter Shelter is a premium streaming service bringing you the world’s finest films about architecture & design.  Showcasing award winning feature films, episodic series and shorts, along with dedicated channels such as the Michael Blackwood Architecture Collection, The Design Emotive, 9 Sekunden, Never Too Small, Dwell and green magazine.  Shelter’s curated film library will keep you entertained, creative and inspired.  Handpicked for you by the team at Shelter, no algorithms here. No ads either. Shelter also brings you exclusive Shelter Originals that you won’t find anywhere else, such as popular debut series Inspired Architecture. “Each installment of Inspired Architecture is small but perfectly formed.” – The Sydney Morning Herald And because our planet is the home we all share, Shelter plants a tree for every subscriber, every month. Get Inspired Now.  More Information New content launched each month. 7 day free trial  Monthly subscription: AUD $8.99 | NZD $9.99 | USD $6.99 | EURO €6.99 | GBP £5.99 Yearly subscription: AUD $89.99 | NZD $99.99 | USD $69.99 | EURO €69.99 | GBP £59.99 Shelter TV apps are now available for Apple TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Download the Shelter APP for iOS and Android or watch online. Register now for updates and more information at Follow us: Instagram:   Facebook:

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