Big Brother 2022 Eviction #8 – Sam

It’s time to go….. Sam Sam tried to write her own book in the Big Brother house, but for some parts, others had control of the narrative as Josh used the show as an opportunity to communicate his feelings and Tully returned to the house which made for some awkward moments in Sam and Drew’s on air relationship. Sam was brave enough to talk to me about all things Josh / Drew / Tim and Tully, as well as moments viewers missed and what is next for her life. – Advertisement –     Sam chats about: Big Brother not being what she expected Whether she knew Josh would be in the Big Brother house Her application (?) to Big Brother How she felt about Josh using Big Brother as an opportunity to confess his feelings Current status with Josh What drew Sam to Drew (nice pun!) The cancelled eviction Making connections with other housemates other than Drew Conflict with Tim Status of relationship with Drew now Complications of having Tully in the house Own business on the outside What is next? Thanks to Nav Kaur at Seven for organising the podcast. Big Brother – Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Seven Note: My story and podcast first appeared on TV Blackbox  Instagram: @sambam___

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