Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler

October on Foxtel

Foxtel highlights include House of Hammer, The White Lotus, East New York, Johnny Depp Wild Child, Selling the City, Avenue 5, The Walking Dead, The Winchesters and Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler.   The headliner House of Hammer When text messages sent by actor Armie Hammer to various women – detailing fantasies involving violence, rape and cannibalism – were leaked on Instagram in January 2021, it turned out it was only the beginning. This must-see docuseries reveals this scandal is just the latest chapter in the saga of a rich and powerful dynasty mired in controversy. Duration: 60 mins x 3 | Premiering Saturday October 8 from 9.30pm | Investigation Discovery (ID) The ones you can’t miss The White Lotus (s2) Mike White’s award-winning anthology series returns, though this time the action takes place in stunning Sicily, Italy. Jennifer Coolidge is back as needy guest Tanya McQuoid, alongside a host of newcomers – including Theo James, Aubrey Plaza and Haley Lu Richardson – who will no doubt put their hotel manager and staff to the ultimate test of patience. Duration: 60 mins x 7 | Premiering Express Monday October 31 at 8.30pm | Fox Showcase East New York Newly appointed as police captain of the 74th Precinct in East New York, Brooklyn, Regina Haywood quickly discovers she has her work cut out for her – from the blue-collar neighbourhood in the midst of gentrification, with its residents reluctant to accept help from the authorities, to the detectives and officers under her command, who are sceptical of her creative methods. Duration: 60 mins x 13 | Premiering Wednesday October 5 at 9pm | Fox One   Johnny Depp, Wild Child Much has been made of Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp’s life of late. But, despite some very unflattering videos and testimony, there’s just something about the jovial joker that he can do no wrong. This special takes a closer look at the actor who has long worn the ‘wild child’ tag like a badge of honour. Duration: 60 mins x 1 | Premiering Friday October 21 at 7.30pm | Fox Docos Selling in the City With the cost of living continuing to rise and more of us turning to inner-city apartments, townhouses and other small residences, interior designer Rosie Morley and landscape expert Paddy Milne are here with a fresh take on your typical home renovation series for a “more millennial” crowd. Duration: 60 mins x 8 | Premiering Wednesday October 19 at 8.30pm | LifeStyle Must-watch entertainment Avenue 5 (s2) After an error in judgement saw Karen jettison the Avenue 5’s excess weight out of the port side of the ship – extending the intergalactic misadventure to eight years – it’s anyone’s guess what state fraudulent captain Ryan Clark, his motley crew and the despondent space tourists will be in when the action picks back up. Duration: 30 mins x 8 | Premiering Express Wednesday October 12 at 8.30pm | Fox Showcase   The Walking Dead (s11C) Twelve years after it first burst onto our screens, critically acclaimed zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead – based on the popular comic-book series – heads into its final eight-episode stretch this month, leaving fans on the edge of their seats wondering how it will all end for their favourite survivors. Duration: 60 mins x 8 | Premiering Monday October 3 Express at 5pm, Encore at 9.30pm | Fox Showcase The Winchesters Narrated by Jensen Ackles as Dean, this Supernatural prequel series is centred around Dean and Sam’s parents, John and Mary, telling the story of how they met, fell in love and risked everything to save the world from dark forces hell-bent on destroying it. Duration: 60 mins x 13 | Premiering Express Wednesday October 12 at 8.30pm | Fox8 Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler (s3) When Pennyworth picks back up this month, much has changed, thanks to a five-year time jump. The Civil War is over and the world has embraced a cultural revolution, leading to a new age of superheroes and supervillains. Duration: 60 mins x 10 | Premiering Express Friday October 7 at 8.30pm | Fox8  

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