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Paramount+ highlights for the month of January include The Almond and the Seahorse, Sometimes When We Touch, Anastasia, Angola Do You Hear Us, Art & Krimes by Krimes, Last Flight Home, Acapulco Shore, Ridiculousness, Big Nate, Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Mayor of Kingstown, More Than I Want to Remember, As Far As They Can Run, Favourite Daughter, Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, Teen Wolf: The Movie and Wolf Pack. The Almond And The Seahorse (2022) SUNDAY, 1 JANUARY EXCLUSIVE FEATURE FILM Starring: Rebel Wilson Sarah is an archaeologist married to Joe, but two years ago, Joe had an accident that left him with chronic amnesia. Unable to recall events consistently, Joe’s injury results in violent mood swings. Meanwhile, Toni, an architect, is in a relationship with her partner, Gwen, who has also suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident and finds herself reliving the same period in her life over and over again. The two couples are brought together by Dr. Farmer, a specialist looking to discover more about Joe and Gwen’s conditions. As their stories unfold, their partners find they have more in common than they had thought possible. Sometimes When We Touch WEDNESDAY, 4 JANUARY EXCLUSIVE NEW SERIES / EVERY EPISODE Sometimes When We Touch is the untold story of soft rock, whose artists dominated pop music worldwide in the ‘70s, only to crash and burn in the ‘80s, eventually experiencing one of the most unlikely comebacks in music history. The series presents all-new interviews with some of soft rock’s biggest legends, like Air Supply (All Out of Love), Dan Hill (Sometimes When We Touch), Kenny Loggins (This Is It), Ray Parker Jr. (A Woman Needs Love), Rupert Holmes (Escape: The Piña Colada Song) and Toni Tennille (Love Will Keep Us Together). Through candid and poignant stories, these stars lead a celebration of the underappreciated music that continues to have a lasting impact on American culture. Anastasia THURSDAY, 5 JANUARY EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY Russian activist Anastasia Shevchenko was arrested and detained under house arrest for two years for speaking out against the government. During her imprisonment, she was separated from her young daughter who died alone. As Anastasia travels across Russia by train, she comes to grips with her loss and realises that the only way she can continue fighting for freedom is to leave her homeland forever. An official selection of the 2022 Telluride Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival and a selection of the 2022 DOC NYC Shorts Shortlist and recipient of a special mention from the DOC NYC jury. Angola Do You Hear Us? Voices From a Plantation Prison THURSDAY, 5 JANUARY EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY The story of playwright Liza Jessie Peterson’s shutdown 2020 performance of her acclaimed play The Peculiar Patriot at Angola at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, America’s largest prison-plantation. The documentary examines what led to the shutdown of the performance, the material that confronted a system, and how the impact of Peterson’s visit rippled through Angola long after the record of her visit was erased by prison authorities. An official selection of the 2022 Telluride Film Festival, a Critics Choice Documentary Nominee for Best Documentary Short, a selection of the 2022 DOC NYC Shorts Shortlist, and the recipient of a Special Jury Award for Powerful Storytelling at the 2022 Savannah Film Festival. Art & Krimes By Krimes THURSDAY, 5 JANUARY EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY While locked up for six years in federal prison, artist Jesse Krimes secretly creates monumental works of art—including an astonishing 40-foot mural made with prison bed sheets, hair gel, and newspaper. He smuggles out each panel piece-by-piece with the help of fellow artists, only seeing the mural in totality upon coming home. As Jesse’s work captures the art world’s attention, he struggles to adjust to life outside, living with the threat that any misstep will trigger a life sentence. Last Flight Home THURSDAY, 5 JANUARY EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY On an unremarkable suburban street, we find Eli Timoner in his final days and discover an extraordinary life, one filled with wild achievements, tragic loss and above all, enduring love from his incredibly close-knit family. Last Flight Home shares an unforgettable and stunning verité account of a family courageously facing both life and death. Acapulco Shore (Seasons 1-7) WEDNESDAY, 11 JANUARY COMPLETE SEASONS Acapulco Shore follows the lives of a group of 20-year-olds spending their summer vacation in a mansion in Acapulco, Mexico. Their stay will be filled with love stories, wild parties and heated arguments. Ridiculousness (Season 27) WEDNESDAY, 11 JANUARY ALL NEW SEASON / EVERY EPISODE Don’t be ridiculous! When it comes to Internet videos run amok, however, the more zany, unbelievable and downright dangerous the clips are, the greater the chance they’ll be shown on this series. It features amateur viral videos being critiqued by MTV personality Rob Dyrdek (Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory), who knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope from his pro skateboarding days. With commentary from Sterling “Steelo” Brim and Chanel (the rapping receptionist from Fantasy Factory), Dyrdek breaks down the clips by putting them in such categories as “Hot Mess,” “Worst Case Scenario,” “Redneck Good Times” and “What Happened Last Night.” Big Nate FRIDAY, 13 JANUARY ALL NEW EPISODES Precocious 11-year-old Nate and his friends navigate sixth grade with humour and style; whether he’s dealing with disasters at home or detention at school, Nate is no stranger to a challenge and loves to express himself through cartoons he creates. Siesta Key: Miami Moves (Season 5) SUNDAY, 15 JANUARY ALL NEW SEASON A group of young adults navigate the turbulent waters of love, loss, betrayal, class, and the future in this MTV reality series.This season, Juliette seeks the truth regarding Meghan’s rumor that Clark flirts with her. Sam and Jordana are forced to deal with the aftermath of their scandalous kiss. Lexie and Mike’s relationship crumbles as gossip about inappropriate behavior emerges. Mayor of Kingstown (Season 2) MONDY 16 JANUARY EXCLUSIVE NEW SEASON / NEW EPISODE EVERY MONDAY As with the first season, the

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