Podcast – Rob Mills

Rob Mills is back on screens this Christmas as a performer on Nine’s Carols by Candelight.

He will also be seen next year on the stage in the widely acclaimed musical, @Juliet.

Rob joins me for a TV Central Christmas podcast to discuss:

  • The revival of Neighbours
  • @juliet stage musical
  • The amazing soundtrack to @juliet
  • His book “Putting on a Show”
  • Pondering ‘What is the average Australian bloke?”
  • Death of two friends
  • Takeaways and strategies from the book
  • Not being defined by a label
  • Who is Rob Mills away from the stage
  • Worries and fears
  • Wondering where the next gig might come from
  • Red Bull Billy Cart Race
  • Possibilities of moving to UK and US
  • Carols by Candelight
  • What he is doing for Christmas

Carols by Candelight – Saturday 24 December, 2022 at 8pm on Nine and 9Now

Tickets to @juliet available at Ticketek HERE

Special thanks to James Grierson for organizing this podcast

Rob Mills Instagram HERE

Note: This is a preview of the UK version to give readers an idea of what the musical is about

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