Big Brother 2022 Eviction #9 – Dave

In 2006, David Graham opened up to Australia that he way gay on Big Brother, not for himself, but to empower other LGBTQI+ young people that were struggling to be themselves in a world that had not fully accepted differences in sexual orientation.

Flash forward to 2022 and Dave is using the Big Brother platform to promote Rufftrack and the work he continues to in the space of supporting disengaged young people that are ‘falling through the cracks’.

In this interview Dave discusses:

  • On whether Big Brother is more than a television show
  • Why he tried to vote himself out
  • Failure in his last challenge
  • He-Man references to the 80’s
  • His friendship with Tim Dormer
  • Coming out as gay in 2006
  • His own personal life struggles
  • Rufftrack – and the work they do
  • What he would do if he was Prime Minister
  • Whether he would do a dating reality show



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