Big Brother 2022 Eviction #5 – Joel

It’s time to go….. Joel

Joel won 4 out of 6 challenges, making him a challenge beast, but it also put a target on his back, allowing the OG’s to pounce when he missed a win tonight.

In this latest podcast, Joel talk about a possible unfair play by Big Brother in his final challenge, whether there was really a J Crew and his feelings for Aleisha.

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Joel also chats about:

  • The blessing or curse of being a challenge beast
  • Scrambling for votes against the OG crew
  • Gabbie’s claim that the J crew were not inviting
  • His on again and off again relationship with Aleisha
  • What newbie he thinks will go the furthest in the Big Brother house
  • Being a vegan in a KFC win
  • Current studies
  • Being friends with his exes and their parents

Thanks to Nav Kaur at Seven for organizing the podcast.

Big Brother – Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Seven

Note: My story and podcast first appeared on TV Blackbox

Instagram: @joelnotley

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