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Vanderpump Rules on Hayu is extended and uncensored

Vanderpump Rules on Hayu – It’s the final moment we’ve all been waiting for… the Vanderpump Rules Part 3 Reunion has arrived, and OMG! It was everything and more! You’d think by round 3 we were ready for what was about to go down – we were not.

And if you still can’t get enough, the final episode of Vanderpump Rules coming next Thursday 15th June Secrets Revealed available to stream on Hayu.

*** Warning: if you have not watched the Part 3 reunion, spoilers lie ahead ***

At last, the explosive bombshell that producers have been teasing for weeks was revealed, with the big twist rocking fans to the core. Raquel sits down with the producers six days after the reunion wrapped to tell ‘her truth’. The truth about the affair, the lies, the timeline and Sandavol’s plan on the whole messaging around the scandal. It turns out that the affair did indeed start in Mexico during Scheana and Brocks wedding, AFTER she had hooked up with Tom Schwartz.

Let’s give you the rundown: 

  1. Almost immediately in the reunion, Raquel admits she was “super, super selfish” for prioritising her own feelings over pleasing others, as Ariana called her out as “diabolical, demented, disgusting, sub-human”. Yikes!
  2. When Andy asks Sandoval if he has slept with anyone else while he was seeing Raquel, Ariana says, “I’ll tell you who else he has slept with since starting to sleep with Raquel. Me.” to which Sandoval responded in a way that had women all over Australia (and the world) seeing red “Yeah and she kept her top on, that’s so hot.”
  3. Raquel has in fact met Sandoval’s mum, however, can’t recall if it was in LA or actually in his hometown in St Louis…
  4. Raquel revealed she wanted to become a ‘throuple’ with Sandoval and Ariana, sharing that she loved Ariana as a person but was in love with Sandoval, and didn’t think it was a big deal. 
  5. We can’t forget about Lala, doing a lot of defending during the reunion, focus turns on her as she gets called out for her relationship with Randall.

Not surprisingly, fans have been taking to TikTok and Twitter with their reactions, with #pumprules currently trending on Twitter.

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