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Truelove on BBC First coming soon

Truelove on BBC First – Bold and unique drama Truelove will premiere on the home of premium British drama BBC First on Sunday, April 7.

This series is a love story mixed with a big moral question, starring Lindsay Duncan and Clarke Peters.

It will be available to stream On Demand and through Binge. Truelove centres around a gang of older friends that makes a pact that, if and when the time comes, rather than let each other suffer a dreadful decline, they will engineer a more dignified death.

From the team behind ‘The End of the F***ing World’, this smart thriller makes us rethink the meaning of love and friendship when we enter our twilight years. Britain’s first high-ranking female police officer, Philippa Leach is now retired and very, very bored.

Old flame and SAS veteran Ken Holding feels similarly lost. When the two reunite at a funeral, their group of 70-something friends imagine what a dignified death might look like.

They joke that Ken and Phil would be the perfect team to do the deed. But what starts out as a bit of fun quickly morphs into a shocking reality.

With a core cast in their 70s, Truelove breaks the rules for older characters on screen, flipping ageist tropes on their head in a series which promises thrilling twists and turns, irreverent humour and passionate romance. Truelove wrestles with the knottiest of ethical questions out there – is it ever right to help end a life?

It’s also a love story, as a long-extinguished romantic flame is rekindled between two people who missed out on each other when they were younger, offering them a second chance to experience the love of their lives before time runs out.

Cast includes Lindsay Duncan (Under the Tuscan Sun, Made in Italy), Clarke Peters (The Wire, Treme), Sue Johnston (Brookside, Barbara Royle), Phil Davis (Trying), Peter Egan (Downton Abbey), Karl Johnson (Mum), Fiona Button (The Split) and Kiran Sonia Sawar (Murdered by My Father, Danny Boy).

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Truelove on BBC First – premieres Sundays at 7.30pm from 7 April and will be available to stream through Binge and On Demand.

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