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The Garden Hustle on Channel 9 – Husband and wife, Thanh Hai and Yen, embark on a 48-hour makeover, turning their front yard into a formal garden filled with flavoursome plants for cooking and brewing.

Lisa catches up with a father-son duo as they hustle to create an alfresco in an unused courtyard in just one day. And Dave meets garden enthusiast AJ for a greenhouse tour.

The Garden Hustle on Channel 9 and 9Now – Saturday 18 November, 2023 at 7.30pm

About the Show

Everyone will get a chance to create their own slice of backyard bliss, no matter how green their thumb, when the brand-new gardening makeover program, The Garden Hustle, premieres Saturday, November 18, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now. 

Hosted by Australian actress Lisa McCune, who has a passion for DIY gardening, and renowned garden landscaper Dave Franklin (along with resident pooch Robin), this series follows everyday homeowners, renters and unit dwellers on their journey to make their garden shine. 

Always aspirational and achievable, every makeover featured will be carried out by the occupants themselves as they hustle to turn a tired space into a green oasis. Expect real-life mess, chaos, and plenty of laughs as these passionate home gardeners take their vision from Pinterest to real-life perfection.

Each pair of occupants will be provided with the necessary supplies to tackle their ambitious designs, in return for their passion and effort to spruce up their garden. 

To guide us through every episode, Lisa McCune and Dave Franklin will connect with the people at the heart of each project before Robin gives the final lick of approval. 

This homegrown production full of heart and humour will become a feelgood gardening fix with plenty of genius garden tips, tricks and timesavers for viewers to try.

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The Garden Hustle on Channel 9

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