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Home and Away on Channel 7 – Home and Away’s unmissable season final. Heartbreak and a horror crash: who will survive?

A deadly health condition, a camping trip gone awry, and a terrifying motorbike crash leave lives hanging in the balance during Home and Away’s high-stakes final week, with an unmissable feature-length season final airing 7.00pm Wednesday, 29 November on Channel 7 and 7plus.

After her recent brush with death in the form of a near-fatal heart attack, Summer Bay has rallied around beloved restauranteur Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) as she recovers from heart surgery. But the Bay is left reeling when Mackenzie is found unresponsive at home and rushed to hospital for a second time.

As Dr Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) and Cardiothoracic surgeon, Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey), rush her into emergency surgery, her loved ones gather round fearing the worst.

Is this the end of the road for a Summer Bay favourite?

When hot cop Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) whisks away his girlfriend, Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo), on a romantic camping trip getaway he has no idea of the danger headed their way.

Less than enthusiastic about sleeping in a tent and collecting firewood, Eden does her best to embrace the simple life. But when a tick is found burrowed into her neck, Eden sneaks off to call bandmate and best friend Remi Carter (Adam Rowland), asking him to come and collect her.

Just as Remi is hurtling down the road on his motorbike en route to pick up Eden, he is struck by an oncoming car…

Don’t miss Home and Away’s heartbreaking season final on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Home and Away on Channel 7 and 7plus – Wednesday 29 November, 2023 at 7pm.

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Home and Away on Channel 7

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