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Dream Home on Channel 7 – There’s less than two weeks to go before the epic reveals on two Dream Home renovations in Melbourne.

Watsonia Renovation Home Owners: Taeler and Elle Renovators: Brad and Mel; Lara and Peter; Rhys and Liam Brad and Mel are aware just how special it is to create somebody’s Dream Home, explaining the chaos is all worth it.

And as the roof is craned in and windows installed, the brothers are also keen to get started. Following a short dance break from Lara, she and husband Peter also jump on site. Renovation rookies Brad and Mel are tackling the bathroom and main bedroom, and they’re trying to work out the perfect layout for the bathroom.

Mel decides they need to change the orientation of the space, removing a wall and creating a standalone toilet outside the bathroom. Hunting down builder Nick, they ask if their dream is possible to separate the spaces.

Told it’s doable, the pair call a team meeting with the other couples to share their proposal as it would cut into the length of the study by about 840mm.

The plan is agreed on, and Brad and Mel are excited by their progress. But as they continue with their build, it becomes clear the stone behind the toilet is a metre in length, and builder Nick points out they’ll need to move the wall further into the study to accommodate the stone.

It’ll leave just 1500mm for the study, and as it’s an unallocated room, Brad admits he’s given it little thought and tells Nick to proceed. Elle has requested a grand and showstopping kitchen, so tradie brothers Rhys and Liam are excited to be installing a curved wall connecting the butler’s pantry to a galley style kitchen, which features an island bench and tiled rangehood.

The pair admit they are desperate to win this room, and for Rhys he’s really left it all on the line. He’s left behind his partner and two-week-old son Bowie at home to be here, and says all he can do is keep his mind on the job.

His motivation for being here is to give Liam his dream home, but following an emotional call home he decides he needs to sneak back to QLD for a trip to see the family. He’s confident Liam can handle the challenge as he heads home for a day.

Its day 10 at the house and Rhys is back so Liam is thrilled to have his buddy and brother return to site.

Less thrilled are Lara and Peter, who have already lost precious space in their room and can now see the island bench is three metres long, and one metre wide.

It’s massive, and to make room for that bench, they lost a precious two metres in their living room. Lara can see the kitchen will be epic, but she’s concerned Elle had requested the living room be the heart of the home, and she’s worried they can’t deliver that when it’s so small.

But the teams need to work together, and Lara and Rhys hit the road to pick paint colours for their shared space. Elle has said she doesn’t like white walls, so the pair select several beige options to try back at site.

Back at home, Brad and Mel’s powder room stone has arrived, but they still haven’t told the other couples it’s too big and that they need to take even more space from the study. Lara sees what’s happening and is shocked.

It doesn’t matter this week, but it will next round when the study is allocated. Rhys is worried, with the width of the study becoming a real concern when designing a space fit for Elle.

Mel says they’ll work out the study next week, it’s not a concern now. And she adds that if need be, they’ll take the room for the next round of renovations.

It’s day 11 and Brad and Mel are off to a flying start, admitting there’s a lot on the line in this competition, with less than a week to go until room reveals.

In addition to their living room, Lara and Peter are also designing one of Elle’s bedrooms. To add the wow factor, they’ve designed a curved wall to go above the bed. Lara is thrilled with the result. But as Dr Chris pops by to inspect the house, he questions whether their living room space is big enough.

And when he heads into Brad and Mel’s bathroom he’s also surprised by the tiny study that’s been left by the separate powder room. Rhys and Liam are excited by the curved wall which connects the butler’s pantry to the kitchen, and as the pieces are installed, they admit they’re thrilled by the wow factor.

But they’re shocked to see that on the drive over their hero piece of stone for the island bench has sustained a crack in transit. But the stonemason on site works his magic and the crack is repaired, leaving the boys to breathe a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile Brad and Mel are feeling behind the eight ball and out of control as they keep adding to their to-do list.

Northcote Renovation Home Owners: Brad and Mel Renovators: Taeler and Elle; Hannah and Jonny; Jordan and Jacinta It’s a slow start in Northcote with our couples still locked out from site due to the re-stumping at the back of the property.

But once it’s given the green light, the pairs quickly race back to the house. Jordan knows just how life changing this renovation will be for Brad and Mel, who along with their four children are getting a complete overhaul.

Working on their kitchen and dining room, Jacinta is determined to nail their spaces for the deserving couple. To create their dream kitchen, Jordan and Jacinta are planning green and grey cabinetry and a three-metre splashback window which will line up with the new island bench.

But while the re-stumping was taking place, the back extension was put on hold, and the pair are still looking at dirt and diggers from the back of the house. For Jacinta, it’s quickly feeling like an impossible task.

The delay has also affected Hannah and Jonny’s living room, and the pair feel like they’re standing around waiting with only 10 days left until room reveals.

Meanwhile, Jacinta and Jordan decide to use sticks in the dirt and make a mud map of their kitchen, desperate to see how their vision might look in reality. At the heritage listed front of the house, Taeler and Elle are designing the main bathroom.

Their only brief was functionality for six people, so they’ve opted to create three areas – a double vanity in the centre, a toilet to the left, and a shower to the right. They’ve designed the bathroom to ensure four children can use the space together at one time, convinced it’s the perfect layout for the busy family.

They’re also working on 16-year-old Spencer’s bedroom, with a very special touch. The pair are including a secret door to the bathroom behind the bedroom cabinetry and envision if being like a portal for the teenager.

Jacinta visits the space, and isn’t on board with the secret door, considering it a little weird. Also key to Spencer’s room is the ceiling rose painstakingly moved from Brad and Mel’s original dining room.

Concrete is starting to be poured at the back of the property, and Hannah admits this is a massive leap forward for their rooms.

The space quickly takes shape as the frame goes up, and Jordan and Jacinta are excited to see their kitchen.

The pair have designed a three-metre splashback window to line up perfectly with the three-metre island bench, but something isn’t adding up. After the wall has gone up, they can see that the cabinets are too long and it’s now coming into the window frame.

The kitchen is already cut and ready to install, but it’s a massive error so early in the competition. And now Jordan has to break the news to Jacinta on today of all days, their 7th wedding anniversary.

It’s day 12 and with only five days to go until the reveal, Jacinta and Jordan’s kitchen is facing yet another delay with the misalignment of the cabinet and wall.

There’s not enough time to change the cabinets, so they’ll need to change the rest of the kitchen to make them fit. Jacinta wanted the island bench to be symmetrical to the window, but she’ll have to give up that dream to ensure everything can fit.

Meanwhile Taeler and Elle’s bathroom has been tiled, and they’re thrilled with the results. Keen to style the bedroom with some beautiful art, they select a piece to fit with the room’s aesthetic.

Hannah is also looking for art for 18-year-old Bennett’s bedroom, but when she arrives at the studio Taeler is reluctant to share which is her final selection.

This episode is dedicated in loving memory of James Rose (1993 – 2023) and Nicholas Beaney (1962 – 2023)

About the Show

No dream is too big. Life-changing renovation series Dream Home premieres Sunday, 26 May.

Seven’s brand-new competition renovation series Dream Home is set to take the renovation genre to new heights as six pairs of everyday Aussies battle it out room by room, transforming tired suburban family homes into astonishing new dream homes.

Premiering 7.00pm Sunday, 26 May on Channel 7 and 7plus, Dream Home is hosted by Dr Chris Brown and will feature some of the biggest and best life-changing renovations Australia has ever seen.

“In real estate terms, my own skills are a renovator’s delight, in need of a serious makeover,”

– confesses Dr Chris.

“I’ve somehow lived through two renovations and seen both of them blow out on time and budget; mostly because of my questionable decisions.

“I genuinely feel like I can relate to what our couples are experiencing – possibly more than they’ll ever know.”

With grit and determination at the forefront, the teams will design and rebuild each other’s outdated and dilapidated homes.

Following renovations in each state, the top three placing couples will have their backyards completely made over with stunning gardens and outdoor living spaces.

All couples will receive the gift of a lifetime with their newly renovated homes. The winning couple will also receive a cash prize of $100,000 to help with their mortgage.

A trio of expert judges – Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations, top buyer’s agent Simon Cohen and award-winning interior designer Rosie Morley – will provide invaluable insight during the renovations before critiquing and scoring each new space in the stunning homes.

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia (A Banijay company), Dream Home will inspire and ignite Australia’s love of home renovation.

Meet the Dream Home teams:

  • Brad and Mel (VIC) Parents to four teenagers
  • Taelar and Elle (VIC) Sisters
  • Hannah and Jonny (QLD) New parents of twins
  • Rhys and Liam (QLD) Tradie brothers
  • Jacinta and Jordan (NSW) Parents of two young children
  • Lara and Peter (NSW) Parents of two young children

Dream Home on Channel 7 and 7plus – Sunday 26 May at 7.00pm

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Dream Home on Channel 7

Dream Home on Channel 7
Dream Home on Channel 7

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