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There’s so much to talk about on Couples Therapy Australia on Paramount+

Three brave new Aussie couples will dive into their long-standing conflicts, explore their personal histories, seek connection and a new compassion for each other, in season two of Couples Therapy Australia.

Premiering on Friday, 4 November, exclusive to Paramount+, this true documentary filmmaking brings viewers into the authentic and visceral experience of weekly therapy with Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Marryam Chehelnabi.

This season will see Marryam guide our couples through deep trauma; the dilemmas of a modern mum: work versus family; and how much influence parents should have on their adult children’s relationships.  

Struck by the courage the couples have to discuss their challenges, Marryam said: “I see my role as helping them see and say the truth, to one another.”

Couples Therapy Australia. Season 2. Streaming Exclusively On Paramount+ On Friday, 4 November.

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