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The Block on Channel 9 – Fan favourites from The Block, Eliza and Liberty, had never been on a building site before becoming contestants, and most surprisingly, runners up on the show! With a new outlook on life, the sisters are ready to give more weird, whacky and wonderful experiences a crack. This is how their new podcast Try Before You Die was born.

In every episode the girls challenge themselves and each other to push beyond their boundaries. Whether it’s attempting speed dating, life drawing, larping, veganism, stand-up comedy, or any other trend capturing the zeitgeist – Eliza and Liberty want to Try Before You Die.

The podcast also allows the self-confessed ‘spinster sisters’ to passionately debate topics at hand, whilst sharing their own real and raw life experiences. They want to hold themselves accountable and face their fears head on, no matter how overwhelming they seem.

Liberty said:

“I want to continue doing things that scare me and challenge me, as this is where the magic happens. I hope this resonates with our listeners, and they too can join us outside of their comfort zones.”

Eliza feels differently, saying:

“To be honest, I’m not that excited about feeling uncomfortable and inevitably making a fool of myself, but doing this stuff is teaching us a lot about ourselves and making us feel alive!”

Try Before You Die launches on Thursday 15th February with new episodes dropping weekly everywhere you get your podcasts. 


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The Block on Channel 9

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The Block on Channel 9

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