The Real Love Boat - Harley Jesse
The Real Love Boat - Harley Jesse (image - 10)

Twins Harley and Jesse join The Real Love Boat

Seeing Double On The Mediterranean.

Tonight, The Real Love Boat docked in Genoa, Italy.

After last night’s bombshell Cast-Off Ceremony, Chelsea was open to the prospect of getting to know Josh, but her attraction to Dalton was strong. That became more clear, when Chelsea became emotional after seeing Dalton getting close to Moana.

Before she even had a moment to compose herself, Cruise Director Hannah Ferrier and Head Of Entertainment Daniel Doody announced that the ship would have not one, but two hot new arrivals. Enter twins Harley and Jesse.

Jesse chose Chelsea and Harley chose Naomi to spend some special one-on-one time with. While the girls enjoyed getting to know the boys, they both had stronger feelings towards original partners Dalton and Dan.

Later, our eight boys joined Hannah and Doody at the Captain’s Table to make their pitch for the three available destination dates and one lucky upgrade suite.

Although everyone put their best pitch forward, Paddy and Tyler, Naomi and Dan and Josh and Chelsea were chosen for the destination dates. Lovebirds Sally and Jay were given the highly-coveted upgrade suite.

Do not miss Wednesday night, where romance heats up under the Tuscan sun and emotions boil over when Chelsea is forced to make a difficult decision.

The Real Love Boat – continues Wednesday Night At 8.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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