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Tonight | The Secrets She Keeps on 10 and 10 Play

The Secrets She Keeps on 10 – From the opening moments of the second season of psychological thriller The Secrets She Keeps, we know something has gone terribly wrong for Meghan Shaughnessy.

Smeared with blood and being held in custody for murder by detectives, we slowly re-trace her memories over the weeks that led up to this moment, until we discover the shocking secret of who she has killed and why.

In maximum security prison, much-despised inmate Agatha Fyfle has a secret of her own, one that makes her desperate to escape to safety.
Meanwhile, a passionately invested young podcaster, Lorelei, is doing everything possible to swell the tide of public and political sympathy for Agatha’s case.

The complex web of interplay between Meghan, Agatha and Lorelei will culminate in bone-chilling twists and astonishing turns, while telling their all too human stories.

The Secrets She Keeps on 10 and 10 Play – Monday 13 November at 8.45pm.

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The Secrets She Keeps on 10

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