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Location Location Location on 10 – This week our dynamic property duo, Mitch and Mark, are dividing their time between two states.

Mitch is in Canberra, finding his car enthusiast house hunter her dream garage, while Mark is in Melbourne, helping a family of five find their perfect home.

UK parents Steph and Marcus have been looking for a home in the prized Melbourne suburb of Malvern for over a year, but they’ve been priced out of the market.

Now they only have a week to find their new home before leaving for overseas.

Can Mark get them to see the possibilities of life outside of Malvern?

Jayne is an accountant by name, but a car enthusiast by nature. She wants a four to six car garage for her growing car collection… with a house on the side. It’s a combination that’s tricky to find, but Mitch is buckling in and putting his pedal to the metal, to find her the grand prix of all garage properties in Canberra.

Location Location Location on 10 – Friday 25 August, 2023 at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play

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