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Ambulance UK on 10 – It’s the beginning of the night, and the team in Control have inherited the consequences of a busy day shift.

Ambulance crews are already starting to queue at hospitals as they wait to hand over their patients.

Every second counts as multiple crews, including police and fire, are dispatched after a suicidal patient phones in a bomb threat.

Then, crews come under pressure on a very busy St Patrick’s Day.

Then on episode 6

Nearly two hours into the shift, Control are answering a new call every 42 seconds when Emily and Gayle are sent to treat a 99-year-old female who is struggling with low oxygen levels.

An emergency call is received for a patient who is not breathing. Things take a turn for the worst when crews arrive to find there is a second patient, a child, also in cardiac arrest and in need of urgent help.

Ambulance UK on 10 and 10 Play – Saturday 23 December, 2023 at 8.30pm.– season 10 episode 5 and 6 (season final)

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Ambulance UK on 10

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