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Ambulance UK on 10 – As cold weather bites, so do cases of serious depression as people struggle to pay the bills amid the increasing cost of living crisis.Crews attend to patients who fear they have nothing to live for.

Halfway through the shift, an urgent call is received for an elderly patient who has had a fall at home and can be heard shouting through the walls for help.

The call centre team work tirelessly to deliver care to the people of the North East as staff shortages and an increasing number of emergency calls stretch the service to the limit.

Delays for category-two emergencies are now five times longer than the target response time. To help reduce pressure on the service, a ‘no send’ policy is implemented, which means only the most critical patients will receive an ambulance.

Ambulance UK on 10 and 10 Play – Saturday 16 December, 2023 at 8.30pm.– season 10 episode 3 and 4

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Ambulance UK on 10

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