The Real Love Boat
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The Real Love Boat sets sail. Continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play

The Real Love Boat Sets Sail.

Romance And Drama Hit The High Seas.

Thirteen gorgeous singles landed in Barcelona with host, Darren McMullen, hoping to embark on the ultimate search for love.

But with only twelve tickets to board the ship, someone was going home before even recovering from the jet lag.

After an intense round of speed dating to decide what couples were to make it on the water, Ben was left on land with no ticket to join the others on The Real Love Boat. And in a shocking twist, it is discovered that Moana and Daniel already have some history.

The couples then boarded their romantic voyage of a lifetime, meeting their fabulous match-making Cupids, Cruise Director Hannah Ferrier and Head Of Entertainment Daniel Doody.

The next day, the couples tried to get close with some alone time on the ship. Tyler and Dalton had an awkward date in the spa, and the sparks continue to fly between Sally and Jay, where they shared a kiss after a very romantic massage. After a day full of hot dates, Chris took Sally for a one-on-one chat and revealed that he’d love to get to know her better. The chemistry was palpable between Naomi and Daniel following their date earlier in the day.

It was then time for the first Cast Off Ceremony, with the guys deciding their couplings.

Dalton was up first and switched things up by choosing Moana, Sally and Jay stuck together and Josh decided to pick Tyler. Daniel chose to stay with Naomi, while Chris took the opportunity to get to know Katie. This left Paddy to choose Sari.

Tune in tomorrow night, as our singles arrive in the port of Gibraltar, and connections are tested aboard The Real Love Boat!

The Real Love BoatContinues Tomorrow At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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