Ryan Moloney
Ryan Moloney (image - Paramount)

Ryan Moloney (Neighbours)

Ryan Moloney (aka Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi) chats to me at TV Central about the surprising and welcoming return of Neighbours on 10 in 2023.

As unveiled by 10 here Neighbours will back with new episodes in the second half of 2023,

Ryan Moloney chats about:

  • Whether he thought this was a surprise
  • Logistics behind the deal
  • Jobs for people in the wider industry (directors, writers, etc)
  • How the main cast is feeling (Jackie, Stefan and Alan)
  • Whether the show will pick up storylines or go in a new direction
  • Whether the storylines will be of a more adult nature
  • Future storylines for Toadie
  • Format of the show (will it be 5 episodes per week across the year?)

Thanks to Anthony McCarthy and Paula Lucarelli at 10 for organising this podcast

Neighbours – back on 10 in 2023

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