The Real Love Boat Australia
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Recap – Three couples are heading to the final port on The Real Love Boat Australia

Three Couples Are Heading To The Final Port.

Courtney, Paul, Sally And Jay Walk The Plank.

Tonight on The Real Love Boat, Montenegro, Italy was the next point of call for the final five couples’ quest for love.

At breakfast, everyone was greeted by Cupids, Daniel Doody and Hannah Ferrier, where they announced that they were going to be hosting a spectacular Bride and Groom Ball. The couples were to share their love-story to real guests, known as the Love Jury, who have been married for years and know a thing or two about love. Their votes were to decide who would be the final three couples.

While most couples were admiring the perfect backdrop for romance, Courtney was caught up in hesitancies surrounding her future with Paul. Although he was giving her his all, she was scared after being hurt in the past.

Courtney then made the decision to leave the ship, and sadly, because the other couples were all paired up, Paul also had to disembark.  

On the flipside, Chelsea and Paddy finally moved in together, catching up with the other three couples.

A new day dawned, docking in Sicily. As the guys and gals were getting ready for the Bride and Groom Ball, another bombshell was dropped. Sally was too sick to continue on The Real Love Boat, so her and Jay ended their journey aboard. But they reassured the couples that they will be waiting on the outside holding hands, with big cheeky smiles and hugs for them all.

With the three couples now decided, the Love Jury’s verdict would now help determine which couple would win The Real Love Boat.

Dressed to the nines, the three couples expressed their love at the Ball. Following laughs, tears and a ship-load of cute moments in front of the Love Jury, the couples then debriefed with The Cupids.

What couple has convinced the jury? Do not miss tomorrow’ Grand Finale, where one loved-up pair will be crowned the winners of The Real Love Boat.

The Real Love BoatContinues Tomorrow At 8.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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