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Recap | The Bachelors on 10 has 2 out of 3 couples find love

The Bachelors on 10 – Heartbreaks And Happily-Ever-Afters. The Bachelors Australia Season Finale.

From tearful goodbyes to heartwarming expressions of love, the season finale of The Bachelors Australia delivered all the feels in a whirlwind of romance, drama and jaw-dropping moments.

In an epic heart-to-heart with our professional rose whisperer and host, Osher Günsberg, The Bachelors spilled the tea on their inner struggles. Luke grappled with the weight of breaking someone’s heart, Ben revealed how far he’s come with sharing his emotions, and Wesley contemplated compromise in his quest for love.

The big day arrived, filled with more suspense than your favourite rom-com. Luke, surrounded by flowers and a fairytale setting, had hearts racing as he laid it all on the line with Ellie, dropping a bombshell “I love you” and giving her a dazzling reassurance ring.

Luke then faced the looming heart-to-heart with Lana, ending in a bittersweet goodbye.

Wesley, with nerves and sincerity, expressed his hopes of a bright future with Brea. But amidst trembling breaths and heartfelt confessions, they faced the hard truth— compromise. With differences too big to ignore, the door on their relationship closed indefinitely.

Ben’s honesty led to an unexpected heartbreak, as he told Angela his heart belonged to someone else. That someone was Mckenna, and Ben paved the way for a beautiful beginning, sealed with a kiss.

But like many love stories, Ben and Mckenna have since decided to part ways and Wes and Brea are still on their hunt for love. 

Lovebirds Luke and Ellie are head over heels for each other, and ready for exciting adventures ahead as they begin their happily-ever-after together. 

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About The Bachelors –

Prepare to feel triple the sparks, triple the butterflies and triple the jitters. The announcement that three swoon-worthy Bachelors are looking for love this year on the most romantic season of The Bachelors Australia yet.  

Three soon-to-be-smitten suitors, Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman, are all searching for the one. 

Meet Brazil’s hottest export, Wesley. He has taken a lot of risks in life, including moving to Australia to study theology. But Wesley’s played it safe when it comes to finding love, until now. Family is everything to Wesley, and now he’s ready to lay it all on the line and find the soulmate he can build a life with.

Wesley said:

“It’s a huge honour given what the show means to Australia but also to represent my culture. It’s not every day that you have such an incredible team helping you find love. I couldn’t be more excited.”

Ben’s success as an international model has led to a lucrative career, but now he has his heart set on finding the connection of a lifetime. On paper, Ben has it all – but what he really wants is a partner to join him on life’s adventures and share his passion for the environment and sustainability. 

Ben said:

“It’s such a surreal experience to take part in the new Bachelor series, and while I feel incredibly lucky it’s also very daunting. I’ll be going in with an open mind and open heart to find the girl of my dreams.”

Bringing the country charm is former NRL player, Luke. While he grew up on the land and works as a lumberjack, Luke is a big softie at heart. He has been known to swap the axe for pen and paper to write heartfelt poems when he’s head over heels.

Luke said:

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m feeling all the first date nerves – dialled up to 11. I’m looking for a partner who I can build and share a life with, a genuine person who makes me laugh and wants to start a family.”

Expect these men to pull out all the stops and put in more effort than ever before to woo the woman of their dreams. 

But where would our Bachelors be without their wingman? Thankfully, host and resident cupid, Osher Günsberg, is back to help the trio find their leading ladies.  

Osher Günsberg said:

“I am thrilled to once again be a part of Australia’s favourite love story, and even more stoked that Melbourne will be the backdrop for the most romantic season we’ve ever made. The guys are so great, and the ladies who have chosen to be a part of this are powerful, smart women who aren’t afraid to find the love they came to find.”

A star in its own right, Melbourne will serve as the ultimate matchmaker this season. The Bachelors Australia franchise is calling Victoria home, sweet home for the first time ever. Expect dates that showcase all the character and charisma Australia’s culture capital has to offer. 

With triple the bachelors and triple the love, are you ready for the romance of a lifetime? 

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