Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains - Sam
Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains - Sam (image - Paramount)

Recap | So long, Sam! Sam Webb eliminated from Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains

It’s a long way to Sole Survivor if you find yourself up minority creek without a George Paddle. 

The Vigilantes have well and truly taken over with Shaun, Nina and Sam having to beg for their lives at the bottom.  

George and Hayley held on tight to win the KFC Reward Challenge and brought alliance members Gerry and Shonee with them to feast. While they tucked into their hundred-piece feed, they agreed to take out the bottom three first, before they set their sights on Simon. 

Back at camp, Shaun seized the opportunity to bring Simon in on the plan to take down George, revealing they would do it by using his hidden Immunity Idol.  

Simon won the Individual Immunity challenge, but in hugging the minority first during his post win celebrations, he set off George’s alarm bells that he was about to flip. George rallied the remaining Vigilantes and switched the plan to put the vote on Sam, leaving Simon on the outs. 

Hayley made the bold decision to pass voting information onto Nina in the hope that it might secure her future. But Nina, Sam and Shaun didn’t believe Hayley and chose to go Idol hunting, with Nina managing to find one. 

Spooked by the Vigilantes numbers, Nina played her Idol for herself and Shaun teetered between playing it for himself or Sam – ultimately choosing to play it for himself, sending Sam home. 

To hear from Sam click here.   

Australian Survivor: Heroes V VillainsContinues Monday And Tuesday At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play. 

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