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Recap – Shockwaves after a triple departure as Dan, Tyler and Naomi bid adieu to The Real Love Boat

Shockwaves After A Triple Departure. 

Dan, Tyler and Naomi Bid Adieu To The Real Love Boat.

Tonight on The Real Love Boat, three couples were given the chance to explore Istanbul, Türkiye.

Paddy and Courtney headed to the Grand Bazaar for some shopping and a fortune telling session, Jack and Moana took part in a belly dancing class, while Jesse and Mikaila visit a Hammam (Turkish Bath), and Sally and Jay returned to the upgrade suite. Moana and Jack discussed whether they had a connection and Moana hinted that Katie could be Jack’s perfect match.

Back onboard, Chelsea felt vulnerable ahead of the Cast-Off Ceremony. Having not connected with Jack, she turned to Harley to see if he believed her former flame, Jesse, might still be interested. Harley confirmed that Jesse and Mikaila have a strong connection, but that Chelsea should chat to Jesse herself.

Meanwhile, it was trouble in paradise for OG pairing Naomi and Dan. Naomi confided in Chelsea and Harley, confused about where she stood.

Not everyone made it to the cocktail party. Dan asked Naomi to come to his cabin where he showered her with kind words, and to let her know that he had decided to leave The Real Love Boat.

The tough conversations continued, after Chelsea asked Jesse for a chat, where he quickly let his feelings for Mikaila known.

Naomi bravely headed to the Cast-Off Ceremony, where she broke Dan’s news to the rest of the group. Host Darren McMullen reminded the singles that two girls would still be departing tonight, in addition to Dan.

Jay picked Sally, continuing their strong connection, Jack decided to go against Moana’s advice and picked Courtney instead. Jesse chose Mikaila, Harley picked Moana, and Paddy surprised everyone by deciding to pair up with Chelsea.

This left Naomi, Tyler and Katie without a partner. In a last minute curve ball, the boys were asked to select one of the remaining girls to continue on their journey on The Real Love Boat. They selected Katie, leaving Tyler and Naomi to depart the ship.

Next time, The Real Love Boat docks in Mykonos, Greece, and two fresh faces will hop aboard!

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