Stevie from Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains
Stevie from Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains (image - Paramount)

Recap | Samoan weather: Rainy with a chance of betrayal as Steve Khouw is eliminated from Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains

Vibes were immaculate, but then we braced for yet another heartbreaking Tribal Council.

At the beginning of the episode, Shonee was delighted to have her BFF Liz back, and King George was ecstatic that the Spice Girls were reunited once again. However, this elation was short-lived when Liz revealed she had been working with Nina, Sam and David to blindside George’s original nemesis Hayley. And Flick was working to climb her way up from the bottom of the tribe following Liz’s return.

At the Reward Challenge, the Villains smashed the Heroes. After losing, George whispered to Hayley that she was in trouble and a paranoid Hayley tried to find an advantage during the sandwich reward, knowing her head was on the chopping block. She wasn’t alone here, with Sam absolutely destroying the sandwich bar to try and find a clue.

Back at Heroes, Matt noticed Flick’s plan to make new alliances and realised it was time to take up George’s offer and join his alliance, hoping he’s not too late. George was pleased, having now secured an alliance of seven and the majority for Merge. 

When the Villains repeated their win at Immunity, George seized the opportunity to convince his alliance to blindside Flick. Flick saw George talking to everyone but her, and after George’s hard work, she managed to flip Shonee and Liz back onto her side.

During Tribal Council, Liz decides, in a massive power play, that if George won’t change his mind on voting for Flick, she will play her Idol. George was torn and pulled Gerry aside and asked him whether he would rather send home Matt, who he had been starting to bond with, or Steve? Gerry chose Steve and a new plan was formed. As the votes were read, Steve was left heartbroken and betrayed by his closest allies, and Matt and Flick are welcomed into the new alliance. With Merge on the horizon, alliances are important, but gameplay is everything.

To hear from Steve on his departure, click here.

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