The Real Love Boat - Harley and Moana
The Real Love Boat - Harley and Moana (image - Paramount)

Recap – Moana and Harley win The Real Love Boat Australia

Romance On The High Seas As The Most Loved-Up Couple Is Announced.

After cruising the glorious Mediterranean Sea for the last few weeks, our final three couples were buzzing ahead of their last Destination Dates.

Docked in Naples, Italy, they headed ashore to Villa Domi, an eighteenth century mansion set in front of the city’s romantic backdrop.

Chelsea and Paddy enjoyed some sparkling, overlooking the beautiful view. They were open with each other, reminiscing about Paddy singing to her the night before. Chelsea felt like the penny dropped for her in that moment, and they were both happy with their new connection.

Mikaila and Jesse also had some laughs over wine when looking back at their journeys. They enjoyed multiple Destination Dates throughout their time on The Real Love Boat, which they thanked for their quickly formed relationship. 

Moana and Harley spent time inside the grand mansion, also talking to their connection that formed once Harley came aboard. They felt they had clicked well, and had fond memories of their previous dancing date.

After all couples delved deeper with each other when looking ahead at their future, and a few smooches here and there, they all headed back to the ship, knowing the final Ceremony was on the horizon.

Cupids, Hannah Ferrier and Daniel Doody, were to vote for what couple they felt had formed the strongest bond. Their votes, along with those already cast by the Love Jury last night, were to determine the ultimate winners. Host, Darren McMullen and Captain Paolo joined the Cupids to share their thoughts on the couples.

From Barcelona to Naples, in some of the most romantic destinations in the world, everything had led to this moment for the final three couples. And it was then time for the winners to be decided.

In a pleasant surprise, previously disembarked favourite, Katie, walked on deck with the winning envelope. Darren then announced winners of The Real Love Boat as Moana and Harley, who won a luxury cruise thanks to Princess Cruises and $5,000 each spending money, in addition to their romantic connection!

But all couples were winners, all walking away with each other and their memories of the Mediterranean.  

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