The Real Love Boat- Keanu
The Real Love Boat- Keanu (image - Paramount)

Recap – Keanu from New South Wales eliminated from The Real Love Boat Australia

Destination Dates And Love Triangles.

Keanu From New South Wales. Eliminated From The Real Love Boat.

Tonight on The Real Love Boat, our singles docked in the stunning port of Athens, Greece.

As we get closer to our final destination, strengthening connections were a priority for our 13 singles.

While established couples Sally and Jay and Jesse and Mikaila enjoyed a double date involving art, our new pairings really made a splash.

Paul and Courtney enjoyed a romantic yoga session and swim, before their conversation turned deeper with Courtney revealing past relationship trauma.

A flamingo-themed paddle boat ride saw Chelsea and Paddy’s chemistry make waves.

Back on-board, Katie and Jack explored their connection during a fun cocktail class, and new arrival Keanu got to work making moves on Moana.

Tensions reached fever-pitch as Keanu outlined to everyone that he wasn’t on the boat to make friends, but to find love.

Despite his best efforts to pair up with a girl, Keanu bid adieu to The Real Love Boat forever.

The Real Love BoatContinues Tomorrow At 8.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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