The Real Love Boat - Katie and Jack
The Real Love Boat - Katie and Jack (image - Paramount)

Recap – Katie and Jack are eliminated from The Real Love Boat Australia

Lunch With A Side Of Tears.

Katie And Jack Are Eliminated From The Real Love Boat.

Tonight on The Real Love Boat, our stunning singles docked in the port of Santorini, Greece.

Our final six couples got the opportunity to explore deeper connections by moving into the same cabin.

While Sally and Jay, Mikaila and Jesse, Moana and Harley and Courtney and Paul jumped at the opportunity to progress to the next stage, Chelsea and Paddy and Katie and Jack elected to take things slower and continue to live separately.

Later, Cruise Director Hannah Ferrier and Head Of Entertainment Daniel Doody invited the couples to a special lunch, encouraging an open and honest conversation about where everyone was at in their relationship.

It turned out that it wasn’t just the octopus that was grilled, with each couple getting served a variety of tough questions from our Cupids.

Moana and Harley, Sally and Jay and Mikaila and Jesse were excited for their relationship to evolve in the outside world, but a not-so-confident Courtney broke down in tears and revealed that she was feeling smothered in her pairing with Paul.

Each of the couples broke away to vote in order of which couple they thought would have the most success at the end of the experiment.

At the Cast-Off Ceremony, it was decided that Katie and Jack had the least potential to work in the outside world and the pair were left at the dock.

Do not miss next week’s Grand Finale, where one lucky couple will be crowned the winners of The Real Love Boat.

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