Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains - Shonee
Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains - Shonee (image - Shonee)

Recap | If you wanna be sole Survivor, you gotta get with George’s plan as Shonee is eliminated from Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains

Shonee Eliminated From Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains. 

This breakup was more shocking than the time the real Spice Girls called it quits.

It all went down, because Posh Spice (Shonee) and Sporty Spice (Liz) made Scary Spice (George) feel like the back-up singer when he only ever wants to be lead, and that should be scary to everyone. Here is how the biggest blindside on the season unfolded…

George was furious about Simon’s betrayal at the last Tribal Council and wanted him voted out, but there were disagreements within the alliance when Shonee, Liz and Hayley saw Shaun and Nina as bigger threats than Simon.

While the camp was empty, Liz and Shonee stole cooked rice from the pot saying, “You can’t take the villain out of the Shiz”.  George overheard their comment, and despite the “Spice Girls’” alliance, he realised he was the third wheel in the merry band.

Shonee and Liz vowed that The Shiz would be the final two with their plans aided when Shonee found her third Immunity Idol.

When plans for the Simon vote were thrown into disarray following Simon’s win at the Immunity Challenge, George fought to maintain control of the tribe. As his jealousy and anger grew at being excluded by Shonee and Liz, he launched a last-minute campaign to blindside his closest friend Shonee, gathering support from Gerry, Matt, Hayley and Nina. Shonee felt uneasy and her senses told her something was up.   

At Tribal Council, Shonee failed to play her Immunity Idol and was blindsided with five votes.

To hear from Shonee click here.   

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