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Recap – Felix finds his heart and Bella, Jasmine and Tilly are eliminated on The Bachelors Australia

Felix Finds His Heart.           

Bella, Jasmine And Tilly Eliminated.

 After getting hot and steamy with Tilly in past episodes, tonight Felix proved his heart is now ruling his head, sending Tilly home due to the lack of an emotional connection.

Inviting themselves over to the Bach Mansion for dinner, Felix, Jed and Thomas strapped themselves in for a game of Never Have I Ever.

Revealing that he had thought of doing a ‘Honey Badger’, Felix was honest with the group in stating that he was now really ready for a relationship, whereas at the beginning of the process, he wasn’t.  

When Osher arrived carrying a vase of roses and declared it a progressive rose ceremony, panic ensued, but ultimately it was Bella, Jasmine and a devasted Tilly who was sent home.

Tomorrow night, the end game looms, couple therapy begins and lines are drawn between Felix’s remaining ladies.  

The Bachelors AustraliaContinues Tomorrow And Wednesday At 7.30pm. Only On 10 And 10 Play.

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