MK from The Traitors
MK from The Traitors (image - Nigel Wright)

Recap – Faithful lose faith on The Traitors. Murdered: Sandra. Banished: MK (Faithful).

Faithful Lose Faith.

Murdered: Sandra

Banished: MK (Faithful)

The Traitors have struck again, with the Faithful helping them along by unwittingly banishing one of their own. Here’s what went down in tonight’s killer episode of The Traitors.

Traitors – Nigel, Angus, Claire and Marielle – returned to the scene of the crime, regrouping in the Tower to discuss who would be next on their kill list. With both Olivia and Sandra a threat to their existence, they decided that the formidable force that is Sandra, needed to go.

While the Traitor’s identities remained unknown for now, suspicions were flying around Claire and Angus who worked hard to throw the Faithful off their scent.

Rocking a skivvy like no other human can, Rodger entered the silver bar challenge in style, telling the contestants that they must complete a series of escape-room-like-tasks set up in four carriages to stop the train in under 30 minutes. Unfortunately, they were unable to complete the task in time, adding no silver to their loot.

Entering the Banishment Ceremony for the second time, everyone was keen to send MK home, but Chloe’s strange behaviour choosing not to speak, cast suspicion her way. Chloe was last to vote, and with the spirits on her side, she named four people as Traitors – Kashindi, Marielle, Angus and Teresa. But this was just one case lawyer MK was destined not to win. Having receiving the most votes, MK was banished.

Just before MK revealed himself to the group as a Faithful, Chloe asked to leave the room. Has Chloe left the room to consult her spirit guides, or has she left the game for good? We won’t leave you hanging too long, because The Traitors continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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