Dalton on The Real Love Boat Australia
Dalton on The Real Love Boat Australia (image - 10)

Recap – Dalton walks the plank on The Real Love Boat Australia

Drama Aboard The High Seas At The Cast Off Ceremony.

Tonight, our singles had hoped a new country would mean new love. But instead, their new dock meant a whole lot of heartbreak.

Sally and Jay woke up in the Upgrade Suite, loved up and feeling a bit dusty from the night before. They were pleased to be feeling like the strongest couple on the ship.

Dalton and Chelsea, Jesse and Mikaila, and Harley and Moana all headed to shore for their romantic Destination Dates. The beautiful backdrops made for successful dates, with Jesse and Mikaila sealing it with a kiss, and Harley and Moana realising the chemistry between them. Although the group had been warning Chelsea about Dalton, she was trusting the good connection they had.

Back at the ship, there was a cold wind of discontent, with Paddy questioning whether he could see a future with Tyler. He admitted this to Tyler, and explained he was planning to pick Mikaila at the Cast Off Ceremony if Jesse didn’t pick her first. Naomi also feared her relationship with Daniel was not as progressed as Sally and Jay’s.

The Cocktail Party was an opportunity for mingling and locking in partners ahead of the double elimination. Courtney tried to chat with Dalton, but he explained he was not keen to sit down with her, as he is committed to Chelsea. Tyler gave Jesse the heads up about Paddy’s plan.

Emotions were high leading into the Ceremony, where it was the boys’ choice of partner. Daniel easily picked Naomi, Harley chose Moana, and Jay continued his relationship with Sally. Paddy ended up choosing Tyler based on their friendship, Jesse picked Mikaila, which then left Dalton to choose between Chelsea, Katie, and Courtney. Everyone thought this was an easy decision based off the day’s date.

However, Dalton revealed to the group that he was not picking Chelsea, or anyone for that matter, as he was leaving the ship that night. Everyone was stunned, but no more than Chelsea who walked away from the Ceremony.

She returned to the deck, where Host Darren McMullen announced that due to Dalton’s shock move, all girls were saved from elimination.

Tomorrow night, we continue sailing through to Türkiye, with a new passenger coming on board. Find out what goes down when The Real Love Boat continues tomorrow at 8.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

 The Real Love BoatContinues Tomorrow At 8.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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