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Australian Survivor - Hayley (image - Nigel Wright)

Recap | Australian Survivor on 10 has Haley eliminated

Recap | Australian Survivor on 10 – The King has overthrown the queen. Hayley Leake eliminated from Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains 

The Samoan stage was set for the biggest showdown of the season – King vs Queen. Tonight, King George proved too strong for returning winner and former arch nemesis, Queen Hayley. Here is how the epic blindside went down…

George was on the war path. Someone in his alliance had flipped their vote at the last Tribal Council and his eyes settled on the obvious suspect, Nina. Nina knew the mad king was after her, so to save herself she had to out the real culprit – Hayley! George was shellshocked and fuming. Not only had his friend Hayley betrayed him, but Matt also knew about the betrayal and said nothing.

At the Reward Challenge, Liz won an overnight stay at the spa and picked George and Nina to go with her, telling the tribe it’s so they could work out their differences, but the truth was, while the tribe thought that George and Nina were still fighting over last night’s vote, they were really working together. Introducing, the “Jacuzzi Alliance.”

They agreed Hayley was the target, but if she won Individual Immunity, they’ll finally get rid of Simon. In order to blindside Hayley, they needed to convince her that Nina was still the target after her “betrayal” the night before.  

Back at camp, Hayley was worried Nina would tell George the truth and make her a target. She had Simon’s loyalty but needed to find out what Matt and Gerry were thinking. Simon suggested they all vote for George but Matt and Gerry had zero interest, driving Simon to make a desperate move. Overnight, he threw out half the tribe’s rice, hoping to weaken his opponents in the upcoming Immunity Challenge.  

The Immunity Challenge quickly became a two-horse race between Matt and Simon. Liz abandoned her own game to help Matt but Simon triumphed once again, giving the “Jacuzzi Alliance” a clear path to target Hayley. 

After the tribe had voted, and no Idols were played, Queen Hayley was blindsided. 

To hear from Hayley click here.   

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains – Continues Monday At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play. 

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