Doody welcomes Mikaila and Courtney aboard The Real Love Boat
Doody welcomes Mikaila and Courtney aboard The Real Love Boat (image - 10)

Recap – As we farewell Chris and Josh, two intruders rock The Real Love Boat Australia

Courtney and Mikaila Come Aboard The Real Love Boat.

Tonight, we were reunited with our singles aboard The Real Love Boat, as the girls were faced with casting off two boys.

Chelsea chose to ignore the advice of her friends, deciding to couple up with Dalton, disappointing Jesse and Josh in the process. Is this the end of the love square?

Katie then sent shockwaves through the group as she chose newbie Jesse over her day-one pairing, Chris, following his admission to Moana that he also had eyes for her.

As our lonely hearts bid adieu to Chris and Josh, they didn’t have long to wait for two new faces to come aboard!  With the backdrop of Civitavecchia, Italy, the group were left reeling as digital marketer, Mikaila, and functions manager, Courtney, stepped on deck.

It was clear from the moment Jesse set eyes on Mikaila that sparks were in the air, while Courtney took a fancy to his twin, Harley. The girls invited the twins on romantic one-on-one dates, where Mikaila and Jesse enjoyed a motorbike ride around Civitavecchia’s town centre, and Courtney and Harley learned to rollerblade along the foreshore.

Back on deck, our singles weren’t so sure if Tyler and Paddy had a connection, and Naomi and Dalton faced off over her accusations that he had not been authentic.

Later at the Captain’s table, Host Darren McMullen, Head of Entertainment Doody, and Captain Paolo grilled the girls on who deserved the upgrade suite and the next Destination Dates.

Chelsea pitched for her and Dalton to receive the upgrade suite, but they were instead given a Destination Date, as were Mikaila and Jesse, and Moana and Harley. Sally and Jay returned to the upgrade suite for another night of quality time.

Tune in next Wednesday night as the group arrive in beautiful Crete and continue their journey on The Real Love Boat.

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