Australian Survivor - Shonee Bowtell
Shonee Bowtell (image - Paramount)

Shonee Bowtell (Survivor #15)

Shonee was stabbed in the back and in the heart, as one of the Spice Girls leaves the building on Australian Survivor.

She knew the time was coming where there might be a time to separate from King George, but was not expecting it to be this soon and was ultimnately blindsided.

On this podcast, Shonee chats about:

  • whether she saw the blindside coming at all
  • whether it was foolish to trust George
  • whether George has put a target on himself
  • the personal friendships versus the the strategy
  • whether she thinks Liz has a chance of winning
  • the sliding doos moment if Shaun had of used the immunity idol on Sam
  • what are we not seeing in the episodes that air
  • whether she thinks the big players will eliminate each other
  • her favourite thing about Survivor

Australian Survivor continues Sundays and Mondays on 10 and 10 Play

You can read last night’s recap HERE

Note: TV Central will be chatting to most eliminated contestants this season

Thanks to Lorraine Monforte-guy at 10 for organising this podcast

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