Australian Survivor - Sam Webb
Australian Survivor - Sam Webb (image - Paramount)

Sam Webb (Survivor #14)

Three contestants. Two immunity idols. 66% chance of picking correctly. What could go wrong? It did. Sam Webb was eliminated from Australian Survivor.

In a massive sliding doors moment, if the immunity idol had of been used for Sam, King George would have gone home and the entire game would have been transformed.

On this podcast Sam Webb chats about:

  • the mathematics of getting the immunity idol choice wrong
  • not believing Haley (except she was telling the truth)
  • the sliding doors moment that could have changed the whole make up of the game
  • having two idols and not using the opportunity to bet for and against Hayley lying
  • why the contestants did not try and eliminate George earlier
  • whether he thinks George is the greatest player of all time
  • if he thinks George will make it to the end
  • If he thinks Simon, Nina and Shaun will be picked off one by one now
  • what he would do if in Simon’s position now
  • managing friendships versus game strategy
  • what we are not seeing on air
  • who he would like to win Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor continues Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays on 10 and 10 Play

You can read last night’s recap HERE

Note: TV Central will be chatting to most eliminated contestants this season

Thanks to Lorraine Monforte-guy at 10 for organising this podcast

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