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Today | Neighbours on 10 returns

Neighbours on 10 – Our New Neighbours Have Officially Moved In! Neighbours. Premieres Today At 4:30pm On 10 And 10 Play And 6:30pm On 10 Peach.  

Prepare for the big ‘I do’ with a twist or two, and settle in for an afternoon of love, laughter, and jaw-dropping surprises, as Neighbours returns today on Network 10! 

Stefan Dennis, who plays the iconic Paul Robinson, said: “It’s been an epic journey over the past four decades and now, because of unprecedented demand, the journey kicks off again.   

“It’s like the old Wild West, we’re exploring new frontiers both on screen as well as geographically, with our leap across the Pacific. The great news to both the old school cast and fans alike is that we are coming home to 10 in Australia. That’s nostalgic to me in particular because for me, that’s where the phenomenon started back in ‘86”.  

To celebrate the premiere of the brand-new chapter of Neighbours, we’re bringing you a blast from the past!

All your favourite episodes of Neighbours from February 2020 to July 2022, will be available to watch on 10 Play from tomorrow in a dedicated home called “Neighbours Classics”. That’s a whopping 600 episodes, so get ready to binge-watch your heart out and relive all those beloved Neighbours‘ moments on 10 Play. 

For more romance, more laughs and more drama than ever before, you won’t want to miss the highly anticipated return of your favourite Neighbours.  

Neighbours On 10 And 10 Play And 6:30pm On 10 PeachPremieres Monday, September 18 At 4:30pm .  

Neighbours will continue to be broadcast in Australia on Network 10, its home for over three decades. UK and U.S. audiences can view the series on Amazon Freevee plus Prime Video in Australia and New Zealand seven days following free to air viewing on Network 10.

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Neighbours on 10
Neighbours on 10

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