Shaynna Blaze (image - Nine)

Shaynna Blaze (Country Home Rescue)

Shaynna Blaze joins me at TV Central for a One on One podcast about her brand new series on Nine, Country Home Rescue.

Although turning a 130-year-old country house into her family’s forever home is the centerpiece of the 6 part series, the real heart is Shaynna showing Australia the full warts and all version of herself and her family and that dynamic unfolds into a beautiful and sometimes emotional journey that is heart warming viewing.

In this podcast Shaynna chats about:

  • A review of the season and auctions on The Block 2022
  • Any hesitancy in putting herself and family on the screens with such rawness and honesty
  • The Fort (film)
  • Women speaking out about family violence
  • Celebrity Apprentice and the win for Voice of Change
  • Reestablishing herself after a marriage break up
  • Jess and Carly (her children)
  • Grand daughter Olive stealing the cute scenes in the show
  • Would bulldozing the house have been a cheaper option?
  • Blowing out the contingency budget
  • Finding personality in a house
  • The bell tower
  • If she will monitor audience reaction to the show given how personal the show is
  • Family dynamic on the show
  • What is next?
  • Her friend Tina Arena and This is Your Life
  • Was all the heartache and issues worth it all, in terms of the renovation?


For 14 seasons we’ve seen Shaynna Blaze as a judge on The Block, as well as helping homeowners spruce up their spaces on Selling Houses Australia. Now, for the first time, Shaynna is doing it for herself and her family in the heartwarming new series, Country Home Rescue. In Country Home Rescue, Shaynna, together with her children, embark on the restoration of a dilapidated historical home in regional Victoria. Watch as they navigate through a never-ending maze of problems when their grand plans are sideswiped by building restrictions, frustrating delays and a huge budget blowout. It will take every ounce of passion and persistence to turn this renovation nightmare into the forever home of their dreams. But you’ll be amazed as room by room is revealed.

Country Home Rescue – Starts Wednesday 16 November at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now

Special thank you to Terry Stuart at Nine for organizing this podcast

The Fort (2021 Film)

Information for Event Screenings HERE

Information on the film HERE


Where do you go… who do you turn to… when home is where the harm is?

Set in 1990s regional Victoria, The Fort tells the story of one woman’s battle to escape her abusive marriage while attempting to shelter her son from the grim realities of family violence.

Kitty is a stay-at-home mum married to Graham whose suppression of a traumatic childhood sees him choosing to repeat abusive patterns of behaviour he and his mother experienced from his own father. Becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of her situation, Kitty begins to fear the impact her volatile marriage is having on 10-year- old Tom, and the long-term effects her turbulent home life might have on her son.

Kitty builds Tom a fort in his bedroom; a safe space where they can retreat when the hostilities they face at home become overwhelming. The Fort transports Tom and Kitty to a series of fantasy worlds, that give Kitty a taste of freedom, from the fear and control that dominates her home life, fortifying her to plan their escape.

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