Screen Producers Australia's 2023 policy priorities released

Screen Producers Australia’s 2023 policy priorities released

Screen Producers Australia’s 2023 policy priorities released – At a pivotal point for the Australian screen industry, and ahead of SCREEN FOREVER 37 (3 – 5 May, Gold Coast, Queensland), Screen Producers Australia (SPA) today released its 2023 Policy Priorities for the sector.

With SPA currently engaging with the Australian Government’s proposed models for much-anticipated streaming regulation, there is a busy industry policy agenda to pursue in the year ahead.

“Because streaming is now such a big part of our lives, the advent of this new regulation makes this a truly pivotal year in our industry and for Australian audiences,” SPA CEO Matt Deaner said. 

“After nearly a decade of inaction on many areas of policy work, SPA is excited and energised about the long-awaited prospect of putting the Australian screen industry on a solid footing for sustainable growth to ensure that the Australian screen industry grows in reputation and reach and maximises the opportunity to become more globally competitive and renowned.

“If done right, this could be the true legacy of our National Cultural Policy for Australians for years to come.

“Australian screen stories have impact as a beacon of cultural identity that speaks to individual wellbeing and mental health issues; as an aid to soft diplomacy efforts and Australia’s global reputation; to promote Australia as a tourism destination and to share our values of liberalism, multiculturalism, and democracy with the world.

“Our stories are a window into other people’s lives. They give expression and meaning to our diverse culture through a shared experience.

“There must be a place for all of us, big and small, for our industry to thrive,” Mr Deaner said. 


  • More Australian stories are seen on our screens, regardless of platform, to help deliver on the objectives of the National Cultural Policy “Revive”, achieve sustainable screen industry growth, and help share our culture with audiences here and across the world.
  • Valuing and retaining ownership of our creative intellectual property with a fair go for screen producers and through fair terms for making Australian screen stories.
  • Growing our creative economy with a new effort to maximise export opportunities, achieving sustainable growth, and expanding co-production arrangements.
  • A consistent, evidence-based approach to Australian screen regulation utilising better collection, coordination, and publication of transparent and relevant data.
  • Addressing screen industry capacity issues through enhanced industry training and skills development, a screen industry competency framework, a screen industry induction program and supporting industry retention strategies.

Link to SPA Policy Priority Document HERE.

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Screen Producers Australia's 2023 policy priorities released

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