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Weeks of War on SBS – For more than 420 weeks, between 1937 and 1945, somewhere in the world a battle raged. What made the news in and around the biggest events of WWII?

At any given moment during these years there were countless things happening on and off the battlefield, stories that history seldom touches.

By analysing the events in 41 critical weeks of WWII, we explore how people lived and survived during the most devastating conflict the world has ever seen. Using meticulously researched archival footage and expert insights, we introduce the unusual and the unexpected, highlighting the pivotal moments of the war to create an original and engaging perspective of WWII.

Episode Eight:

By January 1945, the end of the war finally seemed in sight. The once formidable Nazi War Machine lay in ruins. Within Nazi Germany, Allied victory was all but assured.

But on the Eastern Front, in the Pacific, and even in Western Europe many challenges still lay ahead. In this episode we see the events that occurred during the weeks of the Yalta Conference, the assault on Okinawa, the fall of Berlin, and the destruction seen after the dropping of the first two atomic weapons over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We end in the week that the Nuremberg trials begin.

The weeks of war became weeks of reconstruction, they became weeks of cold war, and weeks of fighting to end colonial rule. And they became the weeks that hundreds of millions remembered all their lives – weeks of suffering, weeks of comradeship, weeks of making do, weeks of fear, of love and loss – weeks of war.

Weeks Of War – Final Episode – Sunday, 18 June at 5.35pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (8 Parts)

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Weeks of War on SBS

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