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Lost Luggage on SBS – After a terrorist attack on Brussels Airport, policewoman Samira Laroussa is missioned to handle and return all baggage and personal belongings that were left behind in the departure hall that day.

Every new encounter with a victim or relative unbalances Samira, who is far from ready to deal with the pains of her own troubled past.

Episode One:

Ten days after the bombings of March 22, Samira, a police officer at Brussels Airport, is told to return all luggage and personal belongings to the victims and their families.

Episode Two:

While Tom is mourning their unborn child, Samira avoids her personal problems by fleeing to the
gigantic hangar filled with abandoned belongings.

Lost Luggage on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Series Premiere / Tuesday 14 May at 11.35pm (6 parts)

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Lost Luggage on SBS

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