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Paradise Kitchen Bali on SBS Food heats up in September

Paradise Kitchen Bali on SBS Food – This September, get ready to discover Bali’s vibrant culture, rich traditions and mouthwatering cuisine as Australian-Balinese chef and host Lauren Camilleri takes us on tantalising culinary journey through the tropical paradise island of her heritage.

Ten-part series, Paradise Kitchen Bali with Lauren Camilleri premieres Thursday, 21 September on SBS Food and SBS On Demand.

Co-creator of Bali’s globally renowned plant-based restaurant, Kynd, Lauren left Australia as an 18-year-old to reconnect with her Balinese heritage and on a mission to make a difference.

Since opening her first café, Swich in Legian, she has pursued a passion to reshape people’s perceptions of vegan food and showcase the sheer deliciousness of plant-based cuisine. Lauren brings her unwavering passion for food, connection and making a positive impact to brand new series, Paradise Kitchen Bali.

With a backdrop of lush landscapes and picturesque vistas, Paradise Kitchen Bali offers a captivating blend of exploration, cultural immersion, and delectable gastronomy in the tropical paradise of Bali.

Each episode focuses on a specific ingredient, revealing age-old recipes and innovative techniques, producing delicious dishes such a jackfruit-infused Rendang curry, coconut calamari, a sweet and spicy tofu Tahu Gejrot and mouthwatering banana flour sourdough bread.

Lauren’s passion for food and her Balinese heritage shine as she collaborates with local chefs to create flavourful dishes that transport viewers to a world where these ingredients reign supreme.

Emily Griggs, SBS Head of Food, says

Paradise Kitchen Bali is a delightful celebration of the wonderous cuisine and vibrant culture of Bali. At SBS Food we strive to highlight and celebrate cuisines from right across the globe and the incredible people who create them. Lauren is a passionate cook who creates dishes with heart, she is the perfect guide for a culinary journey to one of Australia’s favourite travel destinations.”

Chef and host, Lauren Camilleri, says

“I am so excited Paradise Kitchen Bali is finally here. It’s a unique opportunity to share my passion for Bali’s culture and cuisine. Viewers can dive deep into the heart of Bali, discovering its soulful essence through the stories, food, rituals, and people who make it extraordinary.

The series isn’t just about recipes; it’s about gaining a deeper connection with Bali’s traditions and offerings, beyond the usual tourist experience. By showcasing the depth of this beautiful island, we aim to unite people and ignite a lasting love for Bali’s goodness, creating a bridge between cultures through the shared joy of culinary exploration.”

Paradise Kitchen Bali is a Save Your Day Films production in association with Insight TV and SBS Food.

Paradise Kitchen Bali will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitling available in Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese and Traditional Chinese.

Paradise Kitchen Bali will premiere Thursday, 21 September on SBS Food at 9.00pm and SBS On Demand earlier that day.

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