Beven Addinsall on AGT
Beven Addinsall on AGT (image - Seven)

Recap – Young Talent Time star stuns judges on AGT

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A freakishly flexible performer, familiar faces and a joyous folk dance dominated the AGT stage tonight on Channel 7 and 7plus

Judges Kate Ritchie and Shane Jacobson were pleasantly surprised when Young Talent Time star Beven Addinsall stepped on stage to audition.

Lost for words, Shane said: “I was a fan of yours well before anyone cared who I was.”

Kate added: “I remember you so clearly. I think I may even have your autograph in an autograph book.”

Beven’s enchanting performance of John Farnham’s Burn for You ended with a standing ovation and four yeses as Alesha Dixon said: “What’s lovely about meeting you and seeing the audience reaction, it feels like an old friend is coming home, which is really, really nice.”

Alesha and David Walliams then welcomed a familiar face from Britain’s Got Talent: Guinea-based contortionist and dancer Papi Flex. After subjecting the judges to what looked like a nightmare chiro session, Shane asked if he arrived in “carry-on luggage”. Papi crawled off of the stage with four yeses.

David described Papi’s act as “stunning” and said: “Once seen, never forgotten.”

The AGT stage transformed into a massive celebration for dance group Down to Bhangra’s audition. The judges called the Punjabi folk dance performance “vibrant”, “colourful” and “magical”.

After four yeses, Kate thanked the group for introducing her to this form of dance, declaring the performance “full of joy”, while David loved every moment and said he could “watch that one for hours”.

Female acrobatic troupe Acromazing dazzled the judges with their epic routine. Alesha said: “That was like a piece of art, it was breathtaking. As a woman I feel so proud to see these incredibly strong female warriors on this stage.”

See tonight’s incredible highlights here:

Tomorrow night on AGT: Brace for the wonderful, weird and wacky auditions as a new wave of talent braves the AGT stage.

AGT – Sunday 7.00pm and Monday 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

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