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Recap – Strength and resilience stun on AGT stage

Powerful performance strikes gold

The stunning, surprising and shocking auditions continued on AGT tonight as electrifying dance groups, a magician with a mind-reading goose and a message of belonging from a powerful youth choir left the judges in awe on Channel 7 and 7plus

Host Ricki-Lee was overcome with emotion as she gave her Golden Buzzer – and a guaranteed place in the Semi-Final – to dancers Mariia and Vlada, who arrived in Sydney from war-torn Ukraine two months ago.  

After seeing the powerful contemporary dance audition, the duo’s first performance since leaving their home country, Ricki-Lee admitted: “I am shaking, I don’t even know what to say.”

Alesha Dixon said: “I am in awe of your strength and resilience. My heart is with all of you.”

The United Voices of Phoenix, Evolution and Northmead CAPA – a youth choir from Western Sydney – took to AGT’s stage with a moving rendition of Coldplay’s Fix You.

Conductor Natalie said: “Our group is about community. We have a melting pot of backgrounds, immigrants, refugees. The magic of the group is we come in with all these cultures.”

Their inspiring audition, a “goosebump moment” for Kate Ritchie, received a standing ovation and four yeses from the judges.

David Walliams added: “This is how you want the world to be, people coming together from all around the world to make something beautiful.”

Magician Matt Tarrant, and sidekick Bruce the mind-reading goose, captivated the judges. David said: “You are full of surprises, and surprises is one thing we love on Got Talent.”

Spanish street performer Muy Moi’s intense audition, which involved winding his body in ways not physically possible, sticking a knife up his nose and setting his body on fire – among other freakishly fabulous acts – had the judges on the edge of their seats. All aside from David that is, who hid behind his chair, admitting: “what a relief that’s over… we suffer more pain than you do watching it. It was certainly memorable.”

Shane added: “I am so glad you are ok.”

Comedian Haydn Tuia’s audition did more than impress the judges, with his unique and risqué stand up routine earning with four yeses. 

Sunday night on AGT: Life-changing auditions are set to shock, surprise and delight.

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